How much does the registration to the PRA cost

The registration of a vehicle to the PRA involves the payment of some taxes here is what they are and how much you’ll spend.

IPT PRA fees

Among the taxes to be paid for car registration to the PRA there are:

  • IPT – provincial transcription tax – payable to the province for most of the applications submitted
  • ACI fees
  • stamp duty

The most onerous tax is the IPT, due for each vehicle at the time of some requests to the ACI Territorial Unit (PRA): the basic amount is fixed and established with a Decree of the Ministry of Finance.

The amount to be paid relates to cars over 53 kW, and for buses and road tractors over 110 kW; for the calculation it is necessary to know the unit amounts to be multiplied by the number of KW, to be rounded up to two decimals. Remember that provinces can approve increases of up to 30%.

Another 30% is then due in cases of late payment of the IPT, to which legal interest must also be added (only on an IPT basis cost): in these situations there is the possibility of paying the reduced penalty for repayment.

Special cases of PRA payment

As we have said, the provinces have a minimum of autonomy in the management of the PRA: for example Bolzano (autonomous province) for transcription requests with multiple consecutive transfers of ownership on the same car on the same day, asks for the payment of the IPT only on the last formalities.

There are also various IPT reductions planned for green or other cars .

However, to register a car at the PRA you have to pay:

  • € 27.00 – ACI emoluments
  • € 32.00 – PRA stamp duty
  • € 10.20 – rights to the Department of Land Transport
  • € 32.00 – stamp duty for the registration certificate

These expenses are fixed and the same for everyone.


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