What is Lockdown? This is the Purpose and Difference in Several Countries

his article provides an understanding of what a lockdown is, by looking at its meaning, purpose, and differences in several countries

Due to the spread of the corona virus pandemic , several countries have decided to lockdown . The country that first made a lockdown was of course China, precisely in Wuhan city where the virus first appeared. Following China, now Italy, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain and France have implemented a lockdown policy .

Lockdown has become a popular word since the new type of corona virus pandemic is widespread globally. For those of you who are still not familiar with the term lockdown , see the following explanation.

1. Meaning lockdown

Lockdown can mean closing access from inside or outside. Lockdown becomes an emergency protocol and can usually only be established by government authorities. This word can also be used in the sense of protecting people in a facility. In the case of the corona virus, the country infected with the corona virus locks in and out access to prevent the wider spread of the corona virus.

Lockdown description (Source: cnn.com)

Lockdown will also usually be followed by a ban on holding meetings involving many people, closing schools and universities, to public places. This effort was made to reduce the risk of corona virus transmission to people outside the lockdown area . This lockdown is temporary and can be revoked at any time, if the condition is considered to have improved.

2. Full lockdown

In addition to lockdown , there is also the term full lockdown . Full lockdown means that everyone must stay where they are and must not enter or leave there, except for only a few things that are permitted.

Check point (Sumber: vox.com)

3. Lockdown purpose

The application of lockdown is considered important to reduce the spread of more massive outbreaks. Reporting from kumparan.com, lockdown which was applied in 1918 when the Spanish Flu proved successful when applied quite early and long enough. Lockdown offers more effective results in suppressing the spread of the corona virus than letting others do what they want freely ( free-for-all ).

4. The application of lockdown in several countries

a. Tiongkok

Closing city in China (Source: time.com)

The application of lockdown in several countries also varies. China as the first country to discover the corona virus has locked down at least 16 cities in the country. Residents are encouraged to remain in their respective homes, except to buy basic necessities and seek medical care.

In Wuhan, China for example, lockdown is applied in total or full lockdown . Transportation operations from outside and inside the city are completely stopped, public places are closed, until there is also a suggestion not to travel using private transportation.

Foreign nationals are prohibited from leaving Hubei Province, unless evacuated by the government of the country of origin. This lockdown in China also limits the personal movements of the population from the checkpoint at the entrance to the gate, to the strict limits on getting out.

b. Italy

Italian lockdown (Source: ft.com)

Italy, the country with the largest corona case outside China, has also imposed a lockdown nationally. All public areas, such as schools, universities, museums, night clubs, to restaurants were closed. In fact, all sporting events have been postponed. Italy also imposes travel restrictions. Residents may only leave the house if there are urgent needs such as work, health reasons, or buy basic necessities.

Public transportation such as trains and planes are still operating, but those who travel for no apparent reason can be subject to fines. Only basic food stores and pharmacies are still permitted to open in Italy. If they do not obey the rules during lockdown , residents can face up to three months in prison or fines.

c. Filipina

Closing in Manila (Source: msn.com)

The Philippines became the country in Southeast Asia which announced a lockdown policy amid the spread of the corona virus. The Philippines has stopped all domestic travel, in an effort to fight the spread of the virus. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also announced the closure of schools, a ban on meetings that gather large numbers of people and a ban on the entry of foreigners from the country with a corona case.

d. French

French lockdown (Source: usnews.com)

France decided to lockdown by closing public areas including the Eiffel Tower, as well as all cafes, restaurants, theaters and other similar locations for a while. The French government also prohibits meetings involving large numbers of people, ie more than 100. All schools are closed and companies are asked to allow their employees to work from home.


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