Linguistic Meaning of the Word Islam

Islam (what is it?) – “Islam” means (surrender, submission, obedience, peace)

Islam is both a verb and a noun at the same time.

The first meaning of “Islam” is the verb of the root “aslama” (a verb), which means: “surrender, submit, obey, sincerity and peace”.

The second meaning of “Islam” is the nominal form of the same root, and describes the last form of the way of life prescribed by the Creator for His Creation. This is the name used in the Qur’an for Muslims to follow “Islam”. This would make them “Muslim” in English, but, of course, in Arabic, the prefix “mu” is added to denote what piriformes the action ie the verb and instead becomes “mu” – “islam” or “Muslim”.

“Islam” can be understood in a very general sense to be the true religion of God, as it is His and according to His commandments, without adding or removing basic precepts.

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