Lenovo TAB M10:Review

Practicality and affordability – these are the criteria that Lenovo tablets meet . Without spending a 5-figure amount, you can buy a pill for the whole family. Setting up a child and adult profile provides flexible functionality.

Characteristics Lenovo TAB M10

  1st generation with HD display II generation with HD display II generation with FHD display
CPU Snapdragon 429 Helio R22T
Memory, GB 2/32
Colour Black White Platinum, gray (gray)
Weight, g 570 420 460
Dimensions, mm 247x171x10 242x149x8 244x153x8

The table shows the basic configurations of Lenovo TAB M10 , there are characteristics and more dominant. For example, the memory configuration for the FHD Plus model can be 4/128 GB. The cameras for all the given tablets are the same: the main one is 8 , and the front camera is 5 megapixels . For communication, all models have bluetooth and Wi-Fi, optionally – LTE.

Battery and charging

Users rightly point out in reviews that the battery slightly spoils the whole picture. The manufacturer could equip the tablet with a more powerful battery, but you have to be content with a 5000 mAh battery. The documentation states that it can last for 10 hours. This is true if the device is used sparingly.

If you constantly play or watch movies on the screen with maximum brightness, the battery will last for 5-6 hours. The indicator is not outstanding, but not critical either. Especially considering that the manufacturer is positioning the tablet as a device for study or home use.

Depending on the generation of the tablet, the charger is connected via micro-usb or Type-C. Charging time is 2.5 hours.

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The optics are standard for the TAV series: a tandem of the main 8-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel front camera is at the service of users. Primary optics with autofocus, which allows you to quickly take good-quality pictures. Separately, the document photographing mode is highlighted, in which the text is automatically aligned and stored in memory in monochrome format. There is no blur, the detail is good.

The front camera does an excellent job of capturing images during video calls, you can take selfies. Its pluses include a nice color rendering. And the front camera is also in demand when identifying a user by face. The tablet is capable of shooting HDR video at a maximum rate of 30 fps.

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When running standard applications, the tablet works briskly. Depending on the model, the device is equipped with a Helio or Snapdragon processor. They have similar specifications, both modern and powerful, but the Helio is slightly inferior in terms of energy efficiency. Testing by several programs shows approximate parity. In comparative reviews of Lenovo TAB M10 tablet processors, it is difficult to find a consensus on the choice of these two options.

RAM can be 2 , 3 or 4 GB . The first two options are acceptable, since the tablet belongs to the segment of inexpensive models. However, if the budget allows, it is better to take the M10 with 4GB. Such models provide more comfortable work, and their hardware cannot be called morally obsolete after a year of operation.

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Users can choose devices with 10-inch HD and FHD screens:

  1. If you want to save money, you can choose a display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 . The manufacturer equips the devices with IPS matrices with a glossy surface. The maximum brightness is 400 nits.
  2. FHD displays also have wide viewing angles. In this case, the manufacturer has pleased users with smoother transitions between pixels. The maximum brightness is 330 nits.

HD displays have higher maximum brightness, but are inferior to FHD in terms of color reproduction and picture quality. Tablet screens are good for watching movies and playing games indoors. The user can turn on the option responsible for eye protection, adjust the brightness.

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Appearance, dimensions, design

The tablet looks stylish and solid. Almost the entire area of ​​the back is occupied by a metal matte panel. It is edged around the edges with plastic inserts. The frames are thin, the design is modern. Weight and size characteristics are indicated in the table in the first section of the article.

The main format for using the Tab M10 is landscape. This conclusion can be made based on the location of the speakers and the audio output for the headphones. On the left side are the contacts for the docking station.

Two speakers of the tablet, separated on opposite sides, provide high-quality stereo sound. If you hold the tablet in your hands, the volume is more than enough for listening to music, watching movies, communicating via video calls. The manufacturer has implemented Dolby Atmos technology into the device. The application of the same name allows you to select a sound preset (3 options) and adjust the equalizer.

Price for Lenovo Tab M10

It’s easier to fit into the purchase budget if you choose a 1st generation tablet. More modern tablets are more expensive because the manufacturer has improved ergonomics and offered more powerful configurations. Here are the price ranges depending on the generations of tablets:

  • The cost of the first generation tablets, depending on the filling, varies in the range of 4000-5500 UAH . From the point of view of the ratio of price and functionality, a 2/32 tablet with LTE white looks advantageous.
  • The second generation of tablets Lenovo Tab M10 is more expensive, the price overview allows you to choose a tablet in the range of 6000-8000 hryvnia. The cost depends mainly on the amount of memory. The cheapest will be the model with the 2/32 configuration, the most expensive filling is the 4/128 with LTE.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the software features of the tablet. The following features have been implemented:

  • On-screen assistant with the ability to draw and copy a picture from the display.
  • The mode of disabling external stimuli allows you to work or have fun without being distracted by calls, SMS, etc.
  • The children’s profile makes it possible to restrain the child’s activity on the Internet, as well as introduce a time limit on the use of the tablet.

Lenovo M10 is a family gadget for children and adults, a flexible tool for entertainment and expanding horizons.


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