Learn how to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Do you know hydrogen peroxide? The same one that is used to clean wounds, lighten the hair on the legs, which is part of the composition of some hair dyes, among other products that aim to lighten. Do you know what it is? Well, the novelty is that it also helps to whiten your teeth and many people are using it for this purpose.

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The problem is that experts do not recommend doing this. According to them, using hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide is the main component of it) for this purpose, it is not good if it is not guided by a specialist. They explain that according to the pH of the mouth of each one of us, the hydrogen peroxide will act in a way. In addition, it has different concentrations and all this needs to be seen before placing it on your teeth.

And there’s more! If you don’t want to end up drinking hydrogen peroxide, it can be bad. According to experts, this intake is directly linked to the release of oxidative radicals. This can instead help, hinder and cause lesions in the mouth or some problem in the body.

With all these problems, the recommendation is to leave the hydrogen peroxide aside and prefer specific products for this purpose, such as a whitening gel  that is easily found in any pharmacy or supermarket. This will ensure the use of a product made specifically for teeth and avoid any risk of ingesting non-specific products.

Using hydrogen peroxide …

As we said, the ideal is before you talk to your dentist, but, even if you know that, you want to try using hydrogen peroxide to make your teeth white, looking like that of TV artists, follow this step by step:

  1. Buy hydrogen peroxide volume 10. Do not try to buy from another volume to dissolve or try to do something different. It has to be volume 10. Don’t worry that you can find it in pharmacies easily;
  2. Provide filtered or mineral water;
  3. Mix one part of the hydrogen peroxide to seven parts of filtered or mineral water;
  4. Mix well to dissolve the right hydrogen peroxide;
  5. Just rinse your mouth with this mixture. Do this a maximum of three times a week;
  6. Spit out the mixture and rinse your mouth thoroughly;
  7. Brush your teeth normally and don’t forget to floss.

There is also another method for using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. It is pastinha style. See how easy it is:

  1. Separate 3 teaspoons of baking soda, from those that are sold in the supermarket;
  2. Add two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste;
  3. If you notice that it is too soft and that you will not be able to put it on the brush, just put a little more bicarbonate;
  4. If you want to improve the taste, mix a little mint toothpaste in your paste;
  5. Put a pinch of salt and mix well. The salt will work as a sandpaper, which will help to clean your teeth;
  6. Put your mixture on the toothbrush and pass all of them, making circular movements;
  7. Leave for two minutes on the teeth, so that the mixture can act;
  8. After that, rinse your mouth well to remove all the product;
  9. Brush your teeth normally and clean your mouth thoroughly so that there is no hydrogen peroxide in it;
  10. Do this at most twice a week and be very careful not to drink hydrogen peroxide.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is easy. Another homemade recipe widely used to whiten your teeth is that of lemon with salt. Just put a little salt in a jar and drip lemon until it forms a paste. After that, use the mixture to brush your teeth. Use this mixture a maximum of twice a week and remember that it will not be pleasant at all.

There are also people who use pure hydrogen peroxide volume 10 and rinse their mouths daily, before brushing. This is the most aggressive way, but whoever uses it guarantees that it has a good effect.

Whatever your choice, remember that the dentist is the professional who can guide you about your teeth and the best care for them. Keep your oral hygiene up to date and many problems will be avoided. Good luck!

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