Learn how to prepare for a client meeting

One of the most important moments for those who have a company or work independently is the meeting with the client. The occasion is essential for the professional to present a good image, close interesting partnerships and make their work grow.

So many people are unsure how to prepare for this type of meeting. If this is your case, don’t worry: check out the tips we’ve set aside for you to face this challenge!

1. Know the customer

In order for you to be well prepared for a meeting, it is essential to know the client well. Currently, this is quite easy: social networks (such as LinkedIn and Facebook) and the company’s website help a lot in the task. Through these channels, it is possible to know the organizational structure, objectives, daily life and the company’s professionals.

Therefore, do not stick to the same presentation model for all customers: personalization is one of the keys to success. Adapt according to the business segment, goals, needs and challenges of the company.

At the same time, don’t give the impression that you have gone through every detail of the client’s life: the important thing is to indicate that you know what you are talking about and that you have done your homework.

With this strategy, you demonstrate professionalism, interest and knowledge. In addition, through prior research, you can propose innovative and creative  solutions  according to each client.

2. Pay attention to your image

Some say that “image is everything”. Certainly, this is an exaggeration: there is no image that can sustain a job that proves to be bad over time. But, that doesn’t mean we can put that aspect aside!

Image is, yes, fundamental. In the case of a client meeting, it can make a big difference. After all, the face-to-face contact between both parties serves, among other purposes, so that the seller and customer get to know each other better, more and more.

Pay attention to your image and dress professionally for the occasion. From the start, you make clear your commitment to work and the seriousness of your service, increasing your chances of building  customer loyalty .

3. Know how to present your work

For you to prove that you are a competent and qualified professional, it is not enough to have a good resume, advanced knowledge and a  vast portfolio : it is necessary to demonstrate all this in the presentation. In other words, you must know how to  sell your fish .

Many trained professionals end up losing points at work meetings for not paying attention to the importance of the presentation. The success of a meeting with a client depends not only on having knowledge, experience and creativity – but on  displaying  all these qualities. Therefore, it is essential to know what to say, how to speak, when to speak.

So, the tip is: prepare a great presentation of your work. Be objective, clear and engaging. One tactic is to talk about challenging situations and examples of success: thus, you impress the customer by exposing concrete situations in your daily life. Images and graphics are also a good choice.

If you like to use slides, no big texts: write short, direct sentences in topics.

4. Plan your client meeting time

Nowadays, we live in an endless rush. In the business world, every minute is precious. Therefore, when preparing for a meeting with a client, be concerned not only with speaking well and presenting your work in an assertive manner, but with the total time of the meeting.

This is important for you to expose your services without rushing and also guarantee a time of conversation with the customer. Getting to know him better will be an important step for the continuation of the relationship and for future planning. Furthermore, you show that you are concerned with listening to what he has to say.

The recommendation is that, when scheduling the meeting, check the customer’s availability time and design the meeting according to the response. Take time to speak, to listen to the client, to ask and answer questions, and to plan the next meeting.

5. Control anxiety

Even for those who know how to speak in public, the moment of meeting with a client can be very challenging: after all, it is the starting point for a possible business relationship. And that makes many people  anxious .

But, calm down! For you to have a good performance, it is important to remain calm in order to present yourself well, debate properly and negotiate in a balanced way.

To combat anxiety, there are many possible strategies. Among them are:

  • training the presentation, recording your speech and seeing what can be improved;
  • think positively, aiming for success and believing in yourself;
  • take a deep breath, both to calm down before the meeting and when talking;
  • memorize the opening speech well, which is the moment when nervousness is at its height and when there is more chance of going blank;
  • eating citrus fruits, great for reducing stress.

6. Prepare the material

For the seller, it is a cause of despair to realize, at the time of the meeting, that some important material was overlooked. For the customer, this is a factor that leaves a bad impression. Depending on the importance of the item left behind, the event may even be canceled.

Therefore, plan in advance and carefully each object that should be taken to the appointment. Notebook, tablet, pen drive, notebook , pen, example graphic materials, presentation brochures, chargers and recorders, among others, cannot be forgotten.

Having everything on hand ensures that the customer meeting will flow smoothly and still makes it clear that you are organized and prepared.

7. Show that you are differentiated

Speaking of materials to take to the meeting with the client, a good idea for you to present yourself objectively and at the same time, striking, is to invest in certain items that can impress the client.

As you prepare for the appointment, separate updated, informative, and enhanced design business cards  . Also bring  personalized gifts , such as pens, bookmarks, note pads, stickers or buttons.

That way, you leave a good impression and still show the customer that you are different! If the gift is related to the work you do, it can also serve to show the quality of your service.

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