Learn how to increase your sales using 15 Marketing actions

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to achieve success and stability in his enterprise. We know that there is no magic formula for this to happen, but some marketing actions can help the business.Using marketing actions within the company is a great alternative for every entrepreneur, as they help to attract a greater number of customers and partners, increase sales, retain consumers, promote the brand and develop a communication relationship between the company and the consumer .

They are extremely comprehensive, helping from the entrepreneur who is still with the business on paper to the one who has been in the market for years.

Meet now 15 marketing actions that can be implemented in all types of business .

1. Samples

A very common practice, the sample is a way to provide the customer with a brief experience of the product or service .

Many customers may even have heard of a particular brand and its products, but they don’t know how it works in practice. And while the acquaintance’s experience report is extremely important, nothing compares to the customer’s own experience.

How to apply : this action must be performed with great attention and organization. When it comes to service, the ideal is to set a deadline for the customer experience. Many companies use the 7-day free trial or, like Netflix, offer 30 days free.

With products, the ideal is to determine a quantity of stock for sample.

Results : when that customer who did not know the product or service has an experience, he develops his own perception of what he experienced.

This situation will make the customer really know the product, and may even become loyal to the brand.

2. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are marketing actions that work directly with the customer’s emotional .

Just like the sample action, sweepstakes are a way to publicize what the company has to offer to the consumer.

Currently, there are two ways that stand out the most when it comes to drawing lots: face-to-face and online.

Since the great boom of social networks, companies have seen in the draws a way to engage the consumer . Generally, when this action is done online, participants need to make 1 to 4 friends to conform to the rules.

This technique of tagging friends helps to spread the action by getting more people to know the company and its benefits.

The face-to-face drawings work with the client’s pocket.

Typically, when the prize is big, participants need to spend an amount or purchase certain products to earn a coupon.

How to apply : the right thing is to cause urgency in the client. Setting a deadline and rules will certainly do that.

Thinking of a strategy to engage the customer is essential for this marketing action to work.

Results : the customer will quickly engage, since the chance of winning something is extremely advantageous for him. In this action, what counts is the number of coupons he has.

Soon he will try to increase his chances, getting more people to know the company – by making a friend – or by increasing the company’s capital – by making more purchases.

3. Email marketing

One way to nurture the relationship with the customer and at the same time disseminate more about the company is using email marketing.

This marketing action has become a fever because it does not require large resources and it is possible to reach the entire customer base.

We recently talked about how to use email marketing to prospect and nourish customers . It is worth taking a look .

How to apply : for this action to work, ideally , data personalization should occur . Although sending is often in bulk, when it comes to email marketing the content should be as individual and personal as possible.

E-mail marketing is one of the only actions that can almost understand and fulfill all objectives at once.

Therefore, segmentation, personalization and subjects must always be in accordance with the customer’s profile and needs.

Results : they can be measured through the rate of openness , response and engagement that customers may experience.

4. Digital influencers

It is no longer uncommon for companies to invest a large part of their marketing budget in digital influencers.

These figures have become an effective way when it comes to promoting products and services.

Having a digital influencer promoting your brand can bring quick results, as they manage to awaken immediacy in the consumer on the other side of the screen.

For example, if a cookware company hires an influencer to publicize its services, the tendency of those who follow this figure and need this product to come to know the brand in the future is great, because if someone said it is because he trusts.

How to apply : before hiring the first influencer that appears, you need to check if his audience fits with that of the company. It is no use working with someone whose audience is interested in makeup to promote online games.

If everything is right, just go ahead and hire an influencer who will bring benefits and disclosure to the company.

Sometimes it pays to invest in a figure within the company and create your own influencer .

Results : they can come quickly, even more when you reach the right niche .

Not to mention that, depending on the channel that was used by the influencer, the message will last for a long time . In this way, whenever new people reach him, new possibilities open up.

5. Inbound Marketing and content

One marketing action that many companies have already joined is the production of content to attract consumers in an organic way.

This strategy – attraction – is also known as inbound marketing .

When the customer comes to your company and has content to devour, he ends up knowing what they do, how it works and even if there are chances to solve their problems.

This action nourishes and promotes the company at the same time .

How to apply : The best way to start using this marketing action is to produce content that may interest the consumer.

It is necessary to attract the customer and convert them, so that it is possible to close the sale and retain them.

Results : greater number of customers interested in the real value of the brand.

6. Social networks

Social networks have become excellent channels for carrying out marketing actions.

The digital marketing is becoming more popular day and social networks are one of the most used tools.

Creating channels where the client can communicate and express his opinion is an effective way to maintain and nurture the relationship. Through them it is possible to create engagement actions such as sweepstakes and samples, which we have already mentioned.

One company that stands out in this regard is Netflix .

Always attentive to current trends, the company manages to communicate creatively with its followers and stand out through it.

But not only communication, they are also able to create campaigns where the follower engages and actively participates , disseminating and disseminating the message.

How to apply: Think about what your consumer would like to know, how he can be engaged and why he needs it.

Many companies use memes to attract the attention of followers. In addition to communicating to a large number of people, they can easily go viral and reach an even wider audience.

Results : the social network is your company’s virtual showcase and needs to be nourished with relevant information. From the moment this occurs, everything starts to work out.

The results of social networks can be measured by the engagement of followers.

7. Corporate blog

The blog is one of the most traditional ways of communicating on the internet.

And one of the biggest advantages of opting for this marketing action is the fact that it covers much more than just your target audience .

Not only will your consumer need to understand concepts and details of his approach, there are thousands of people who every day can face the same doubts and get to your blog and get interested.

How to apply: a study of target audience and buyer persona fits perfectly before starting to publish on the blog.

Once you understand what needs to be published, for whom and how you just create the blog and be happy.

Results : a corporate blog can be used to disseminate the concept, but also to inform changes and internal innovations .

8. WhatsApp transmission list

With an unlimited range of possibilities, WhatsApp is currently a communication channel that ranges from the consumer to the company.

Through WhatsApp it is possible to hold meetings, answer questions and publicize products.

One of the features most exploited by companies is the transmission list .

Not all customers feel comfortable in groups or communities and one way to circumvent this obstacle is to use the WhatsApp broadcast lists.

Lists can work in a similar way to email marketing, nurturing, promoting and engaging the customer.

How to apply : first of all, the client must accept to be part of his network of contacts .

When disseminating messages it is necessary to be aware of the sending limit allowed by WhatsApp and in the way it addresses the customer.

Results : one of the advantages of using this action is that WhatsApp is an easy-to-download platform, in addition to the higher rate of open messages.

This practicality makes the actions to be executed more quickly.

The proximity that this platform has to the consumer is also a positive point that yields results.

The customer feels important and seen by the brand, which is conducive to promoting more and leveraging sales.

9. Groups / communities

And if the consumer were part of an exclusive group, how would he feel?

These actions seek to convey the feeling of exclusivity.

Not long ago, Youtube released a new feature for channel owners, in order to work on this sense of unity.

That youtubers attract a large number of people is nothing new, but what if there were exclusive advantages for the most loyal fans?

With that in mind, YouTube released the channel club, which is nothing more than a paid feature where subscribers can receive premium benefits . In other words, YouTube has created a community where it is possible for members to interact and actively participate, as long as they disburse a sum.

How to apply : they can be created physically and virtually.

Some physical and virtual stores joined the advantage club , a strategy that seeks to retain that consumer by providing benefits.

And it goes further: on social networks to exchange information, they can also have the same effect.

Results : the consumer who knows the company and demonstrates his preference, at one time or another ends up becoming aware of these actions and tries vigorously to reach the next level.

This willpower will lead you to consume more , so that you are then accepted.

10. Space for the client to speak

Every customer has something to say about the company. His vision may be positive or totally negative, but he likes to be heard.

Using this desire to be seen by the client and giving him space to speak can be very beneficial.

Testimonials are powerful!

When a consumer knows the experience of another, he knows what to expect.

From the moment that this space is opened, other customers feel comfortable expressing their own opinions.

How to apply : a physical space where testimonials are given or a page on the company’s website dedicated to this content, are ways to carry out this action.

Social networks can be a tool for disseminating this too, whether with monthly or weekly posts.

Results : the customer who feels he has a voice becomes more likely to publicize the company on his own.

11. Promotions

Who doesn’t like to save?

Promotion is a tool that allows the company to offer products at a different price or condition than usual .

But, what is so powerful about it?

When a product or service is on sale, your audience tends to be more comprehensive .

Consumers have a tendency to research prices in order to obtain the greatest number of advantages possible. It is at this point that promotions become opportune.

How to apply : the secret of a good promotion is to know how to work the scarcity trigger concept well . Determine a deadline for the start and end and the conditions for joining.

Results : more people come to know the company, you win new consumers and greater dissemination of information.

12. Sponsored ads

Every day more consumers look for information and reviews on them.

Therefore, one way to attract this consumer is through sponsored advertisements.

In networks such as Facebook and Instagram it is possible to define these ads according to your target audience .

They offer the options of age, location, interest, gender and even the number of people you want to reach.

How to apply : Choosing which network or networks your audience may have the most affinity with is the first step.

The content that will be present is also important.

For example, if the purpose is to get more people to know the company, the ad needs to be targeted for attraction and the message must match the intention.

Results : feedback is usually quick, everything will depend on the deadline.

If the campaign remains on the air for 7 days, the result will appear within this period. But if it lasts for months, the process can take a little longer.

The good thing about this action is that there are two aspects: the attracted public can be what the company is used to, or the resources can be invested in a totally different niche.

13. Call to action

This marketing action can be used as a complement to several others.

The call to action – call to action, emo Portuguese – is a way to ask the consumer to do something .

How to apply : it can be applied to blogs, social networks, e-mails, posters and pamphlets.

Supposing the client is passing in front of a language institution and reads a sign that reads:

” Learning other languages ​​is the gateway to your professional success. Register today .”

This call is a call for action to pique the customer’s interest.

Results : when the customer is called upon to make a decision, the chances of him becoming interested in the product or service are greater.

In blogs it is possible to measure through clicks on CTAs.

14. Videos

A good way to consume content is through videos.

In addition to being a totally playful way of getting the message across to those watching, the possibility of sharing is high.

When consumers are interested in or approve of the content, they feel the need to publicize it on their networks .

It is also a different way of presenting the company and what services it provides.

How to apply : choose the biggest questions from consumers and which channels they tend to interact with the company.

After that solved, just choose the video form that you like the most.

It can be content where team members explain or an animation.

Results : greater public engagement, attracting more customers and dissemination by consumers.

15. Referral program

Do you know when they say that word-of-mouth can be good for your business? That’s true.

This marketing strategy uses traditional means.

The referral program is a way to get your client to advertise the company. In exchange for disclosure, he receives benefits for each person who converts.

How to apply : establish a number of benefits and deadline for this program to work.

Results : the attraction of new customers who trust the experience of those who made the referral, that is, they categorize themselves as qualified leads .

Disclosure to countless people.

The importance of marketing actions

A good marketing action helps you to broaden the consumer’s perception of value by collaborating for loyalty.

The company that wants to grow and promote its services with quality, needs to invest in marketing actions.


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