How to learn history with Carnival

Is it possible to learn history with Carnival? Well, this answer is even easy to answer: Carnival is pure history!

Discover everything about Carnival and see how to study with the samba-enredos, which most often count in their lyrics subjects that fall in entrance exams and tests.

Let’s parade in the learning block? !!

History of Carnival

We cannot talk about history without telling how the emergence of Carnival was. Well, although Brazil is considered the country of this super party, it is not the only one to hold it.

The origin of Carnival is linked to Catholicism, since its celebration precedes Lent. The nomenclature Carnival also shares this connectivity, since the word is originally from Latin, “carnis levale”, which means “to remove the meat”.

In addition to this relationship, some scholars believe that this celebration has historical features that are influenced by other festivals that existed in antiquity. One of these festivals took place in Babylon, was known as Saceas, and it was customary to let the prisoner assume the figure of the king for a few days, dressing like him, eating the same way and even sleeping with his wives. But it was not a very good thing to live, because when it was over, the prisoner was killed.

Another party that is likely to be the origin of Carnival was the rite of commemoration of the new year in Mesopotamia, where the king waited for the spring equinox to humble himself to demonstrate submission to the divinity. He ceased to have his power and was mistreated by the population.

But what was common in these parties so bad with Carnival that we know today? These scholars associate these traditions to the fact of the role reversal experienced by revelers on the avenues. The use of fantasies and the action of men dressing women is a good example of this change of identity.

History of Carnival here in Brazil

In Brazilian lands, Carnival was brought by Portuguese colonists between the 16th and 17th centuries. Initially it was brought through Entrudo, a popular game in Portugal that encouraged people to wet others, using it as demonstrations for public banter.

Over time, there was an intense campaign against Entrudo and Carnival began to be celebrated at masquerade balls given by the monarchy.

It was from the twentieth century that the party began to take the form we know today and ended up being made official with government support. During this period, the popularization of Carnival was very large and this contributed to the rise of samba, school parades and the fact that it was the biggest popular party in Brazil.

Sambas-enredo that teach 

Anyone who shares the idea that Carnival is not culture, may be surprised. Through the lyrics of the sambas sung by the schools, this celebration can be a great source of knowledge.

There are many songs that convey the history of Brazil or some relevant message. Therefore, we seek and separate some of these songs that pass on knowledge. Check and score 10!


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