Learn the benefits of lemon zest

Almost every person likes lemon. After eating lemon, many people think of Khosa as unnecessary. It is unknown to many how beneficial this lemonade is. But let’s know about the benefits of 
lemon zest-> Vitamin C and dietary fiber in lemon khosha get strong body immune system. At the same time, diseases like kidney stones are also far away.

The two components, namely salvastrol Q3 and limonence, play a crucial role in the destruction of cancer cells in the leuka khosa. Apart from this, the risk of being infected with bacterial and fungal infections is reduced by playing lemonade.

> Vitamin C and citric acid present in lemon zest helps reduce the incidence of multiple diseases, including gums, gingivitis. 

> Lemon Khosa is a component called pectin because of the high amount of lemon khosa regularly. Because this ingredient helps to drain excess fat in the body.

> Anti-oxidants contained in lemonade extract the toxins that accumulate under the skin. As a result, the skin naturally increases brightness.

by Abdullah Sam
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