Lead Conversion: 5 Essential Strategies You Cannot Miss In Your Marketing Plan

Improving your lead conversion rate is one of the best strategies you can do for your business with little or no investment. If you are looking for information to improve your lead conversion, you are probably already investing in quality content and are concerned with increasing your conversion rate from visitors to contacts, right?

Therefore, in this article we will focus on practical tips to apply when creating landing pages , forms and content. There are basic concepts and some practical tips that are essential to achieve an excellent lead conversion rate.

Is improving lead conversion just improving CTAs?

No, and this is one of the main mistakes that we find out there. It’s like wanting to run a marathon and train once. Training will help, but it will hardly be the success factor to complete the marathon. You need to change your diet, prepare yourself physically and psychologically, wear the right clothes, etc.

Many professionals believe that changing the way the text of an e-book banner is written or changing the number of fields will directly influence the lead conversion rate, but not quite. Just like preparing for a marathon, doing just one of the actions may help, but it won’t be the only factor that will influence conversion.

Relationship between content and conversion material

The greater the relationship between the content and the material offered, the greater the potential for increasing your conversion rate. Simple as that: if the article talks about ‘how to feed your dog in a healthy way’, a rich material that is an infographic of the ’10 best rations for each type of dog ‘will have a better conversion rate than an e-book’ Tips training for dogs’.

Sometimes creating such specific rich materials can be complex as well as expensive. But try to balance the themes to engage as many visitors as possible.

Reward and punishment system

You may not have noticed, but you have certainly been influenced by this system. You know that cable TV ad “Don’t miss your favorite series, subscribe and watch everything from the comfort of your home” – this is a call for punishment. It makes you think that you won’t be able to watch your series if you don’t subscribe.

The reward and punishment arguments can be used in a complementary way, just understand the best time to use each strategy.

To be clearer, look at these two selling approaches based on the desire for reward and the fear of punishment.

Source: Supersonic

Desktop and mobile usability

According to FGV data , by the end of 2017, in Brazil it would be possible to have a smartphone in use per inhabitant. If your company wants to be on the internet and work on converting leads, in a professional way, you should be concerned with creating websites, content and materials that are easily used on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.).

Having a responsive website is the first step, but it is necessary to go further to have good mobile usability . Your company should be concerned with the user experience every step of the way to purchase. See some tips to clarify this topic:

  • Do your company’s emails open in good quality and without errors on mobile devices?
  • Do the rich materials your company produces have a good readability and zoom option (with quality) for mobile?
  • Are buttons, fields and other user interaction elements easily clickable (that is, they are not small and difficult to click)?
  • Are the texts clear and objective? Or does the user need to read dozens of texts to make a decision?
  • Is the loading time optimized? How long does it take for your user to open an email, page or download material?

In summary: pass all your company’s contact points with the user. These elements must be in tune with the techniques of UX (User Experience) or user experience , which are more focused on specific actions for a page on the internet and involve changing layout, colors, etc.

Copywriting techniques

Are the texts your company produces good? This is a difficult question to answer, right? To help you come up with an answer, answer these questions:

  • Are your headlines attractive, informative and clear?
  • Do you use numbers in the main headings?
  • Do titles have less than 6 words?
  • Do you use impressive data in titles?
  • Are your texts easy to read?
  • Do you make sentences (1 and a half lines) and short paragraphs (2 to 3 lines)?
  • Do you use subtitles?
  • Insert list of topics and tables?
  • Do you use diverse and less complex words?

If you answered “Yes” most of these questions: congratulations! You are using copywriting techniques in your texts.

But what is copywriting, in fact? In short, it is applying these and other techniques to create a fluid, informative text that empathizes with the reader. There are dozens of strategies, these are just a few, but if you want to improve your lead conversion rate, start this technique today in your content.

Test and measure results

Now you have dozens of ideas to start improving your conversion of visitors to leads. But one last topic is still missing, just as or more important than the others.

There is no point in applying all these strategies if you do not know what is working or not.

So doing A / B or multivariate tests is essential to make the final decision whether to implement a change in your materials or not.

In addition to including the testing routine, complementary tools should be used to monitor the data.

The most common among marketers to track traffic and conversion data is Google Analytics . But marketing automation tools like LAHAR, RD Station and Pipz provide you with this and other data to aid your digital marketing strategy.

All of these tips relate to the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy or conversion optimization in Portuguese. Which can be used both for lead conversion and for any type of conversion process that your company needs to improve.

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