Latte Macchiato Coffee

Latte Macchiato coffee. Drink famous native of Italy , which is prepared by layers and it is always necessary to use a glass of glass transparent so that these layers are visible, as this is what makes this magnificent coffee is different and splendid.


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  • 2 Tips to make the best milk foam
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  • 1/4 whole milk.
  • 3/4 espresso coffee.
  • Milkfoam .
  • Sugar.


Latte Macchiato 3-layer coffee.

You must have the milk previously cooled in the fridge, to heat it use a jug or directly in the glass, where you go to serve the latte macchiato, pour more or less half a glass of milk, introduce the vaporizer of the espresso machine about half an centimeter below the surface of the milk and always slightly tilted to one side so that the steam turns the milk and forms the foam.

It must be taken into account that the foam reaches or exceeds the edge of the glass, it should never exceed 65 degrees since the bubbles would be too large and the foam would tend to disappear. Once you have the glass with the milk and the foam, make an espresso and with the help of a jug, pour it into the glass through the foam, very slowly so that it floats on top of the milk without mixing. You can also help with the back of a teaspoon to pour the coffee. Sugar can be dissolved in the coffee pot or served together with the teaspoon on the plate where the latte macchiato is to be served.

Tips for making the best milk froth

  • The milkmust be cold, if possible keep it in the fridge, this way you will have more time to work it before the cream of the milk reaches 65 °.
  • The milk must be whole, since it has more fats and proteinsin order to facilitate obtaining foam.
  • Milk should not be used several times, since the denaturation of proteins will prevent creating the desired foam, in any case it must be allowed to cool.
  • You cannot heat little milk, because you would have too little protein and it would heat up too fast, reaching over 65 °.
  • The transformation from milk to foam is achieved at about 65 °, after these degrees the foam begins to disappear, since the bubbles become too large.
  • If the tip of the frother gets too deep into the milk, it will make a thud and not incorporate air, so the milk will not mount.
  • If the tip of the vaporizer is placed on the surface it will make too much noise and make the bubbles too big and they will disappear.
  • The frother should be approximately half an centimeter below the surface of the milk, this is more or less the ideal point to achieve the foam.
  • The position of the frother should be slightly offset to one side of the jug or glass to allow the steam to rotate the milk and foam.
  • As the milk turns into foam we must lower the vaporizer a little so that it continues to be half an inch below the milk.
  • If we follow these steps and with a little practice we will get an excellent foam that will last as long as the client needs.

Presentation suggestion

  • Glass for Latte Macchiato.
  • Long spoon.

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