Knowing the Pillars – Prayers of Prayer

We need to know together, in the pillars of Islam prayer ranks number two after the creed. Therefore, as Muslims we are required to do so. People who want to pray, must at least know what is associated with prayer.

For example, about the pillars of prayer, the legal requirements and the necessity of prayer , then the sunnahs in prayer , and anything that cancels prayer. Everything needs to be considered so that our daily prayers are protected from all mistakes.

On this occasion, let us first learn together what constitutes prayer. As a student you will certainly study diligently about anything related to prayer worship.

All this was done so that the prayers that we do can be appropriate and can fulfill the provisions as taught and exemplified by our Prophet Muhammad.

Pillars of Prayer

This pillar of prayer is something we must do when we carry out prayer. If we don’t, our prayers will become invalid. There are 13 pillars of prayer, namely:

  1. Intention to pray
  2. Takbiraatul Ihraam(membaca Allaahu Akbar )
  3. Stand up for those who can afford it. For people who are sick, prayer can be done sitting down.
  4. Read al-Faatihah’s letter on each of his plans
  5. Rukuk with thuma’ninahhold still )
  6. I’tidal with thuma’ninahhold still )
  7. Bow twice with thuma’ninahhold still )
  8. Sitting between two prostrated thuma’ninah(for a moment)
  9. Sit down late
  10. Read the final reading
  11. Read the prayer on Prophet Muhammad in the final sitting
  12. First greetings (turning right)
  13. Orderly harmony (carried out sequentially in carrying it out)

Well , from the 13 types of prayer centers above, hopefully we can run and practice it repeatedly. Both the time of the obligatory prayers or sunnah prayers, so we can memorize the order and easily do it.

by Abdullah Sam
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