How to know if a trademark is registered

An entrepreneur carries out a research phase around the different corporate objectives when he wants to set up a project based on his own idea. The desire to consolidate a new brand produces the motivation to check previously if a proposal is already registered. This is a very important requirement at the legal level because this process provides protection. At this time of launching a new project, it is advisable to pay special attention to planning, laying the foundations that increase commercial resilience from the beginning.

How to search Names and Trademarks

How to carry out this search process through an authorized source for this purpose? You only need to take some time to resolve this question since you can clarify this issue online from your computer. This prior check can simplify the commercial process of launching a new brand by avoiding possible coincidences with others already existing in the market and preventing a third party from acquiring the rights of a new launch that does not have this legal support in accordance with the regulations.

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office is the reference space for those who are at this time as this place gathers information on this issue. Each person can develop this search on their own initiative in the databases present in this channel.

Once you are in the corresponding search engine of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, you can filter the information by clicking on the Search by Denomination section that, from its essence, leads to national and international brands taking this criterion into consideration. Through the section present on this page of Search by Figurative Elements you can read the data through the Vienna classification.

You can get there by clicking on the website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office at the Names and Trademarks point. Once you are positioned in this online place, continue this search by clicking on the Brand Locator link since this is the consultation service that can accompany you in this verification process. The use of this resource is completely free, the only investment required to use it is the time the user spends accessing the final answer. Through this digital application, you can have a broader interpretation in relation to your initial motivation.

In addition, if you have any possible doubt about any detail of this process or another issue on this subject you can contact directly to submit a more personalized consultation by means of an email in which you refer the matter to the address of the Spanish Office of Patents and trademarks.

Brand or trade name identification

This registration process can not only interest an entrepreneur who wants to carry out this brand recognition that is directly linked to the business identity, but can also be applied to the objective of registering the business name that individualizes the corporate identity against Direct competition

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