How to know if your child is happy

Any parent has doubts, fears, uncertainties regarding their children and it is normal to wonder, at times, if they are really happy . To understand this, the most obvious answer is to measure its smile. Because a happy child is also more joyful.

However everyone has their own character and if there are more carefree, solar and extroverted children, there are others more reserved and silent, who do not necessarily have something wrong, and therefore must be respected in their identity.

Of course, some signs can alarm: for example when a child is always nervous, angry, susceptible, little interested in what surrounds him or sad, of course that something may not go the right way. And it is important to understand if the mood depends on a specific situation or if there is something else below.

On the contrary, happiness is expressed through curiosity, the desire for discovery, play, sharing , all things that can develop if the child feels peaceful and if he learns to cultivate trust in himself and in the surrounding world . Because if it is true that children are not all the same and that some are in themselves more autonomous and confident than others, helping them to trust themselves is still fundamental, even for happiness.

But not only that, there are other factors, according to science, that influence the happiness of our children. According to a study conducted in 2017 by the University of Melbourne and the Behind the News TV program, which involved 47,000 Australian children in a survey, finding that the main indicator of happiness among them was sleep. Those who slept enough were happier, and longer, than those who didn’t sleep enough.

Another study focused on the consequences of a bad relationship with parents in childhood showed that the happiest children are the ones who receive the most attention, and are treated most lovingly by mom and dad.

In short, the happiness of our children depends on many factors and manifests itself in different ways . It is up to us, and a little to our parental instincts, to understand if it is at home in their hearts.

by Abdullah Sam
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