Anti-abandonment seats: which devices are approved? Which to choose?

Surprisingly, following yesterday’s circular, the obligation for anti-abandonment seats (and related sanctions) starts today and not in March 2020. We have tried to understand which devices are currently approved on the basis of the characteristics envisaged by the Decree and therefore safe to buy.

The obligation to install anti-abandonment devices for car seats or directly car seats with integrated device for the transport of infants and children under 4 years of age has started today. All this surprising from day to night and, naturally, chaos has arisen.

First of all, let’s summarize the essential technical-construction and functional characteristics that anti-abandonment devices must have. According to what is read in attachment A of the decree:

  • a) the abandonment device must signal the abandonment of a child under the age of 4, on the vehicle in which it is transported, by the driver of the vehicle itself by activating one of the signals referred to in letter d
  • b) the device must be able to activate automatically at each use, without further action by the driver
  • c) the device must give a confirmation signal to the driver at the moment of activation
  • d) if the device detects the need to give an alarm signal, the latter must be able to attract the driver’s attention promptly through specific visual and acoustic or visual and haptic signals, perceptible inside or outside vehicle exterior
  • e) the anti-abandonment device must be able to activate the communication system indicated in letter g
  • f) if powered by a battery, the device must be able to signal low levels of remaining charge to the driver
  • g) anti-abandonment devices can be equipped with an automatic communication system for sending messages or calls via wireless mobile communication networks.

Anti-abandonment devices can be of 3 types:

  • directly integrated into the seat
  • independent devices
  • basic equipment or vehicle accessory


Anti-abandonment devices: which one to choose

Most families already have a car seat and will probably choose to buy only the anti-abandonment device, that is the independent one . An even cheaper solution than the alternative of changing the whole seat.

There are several anti-abandonment devices on the market but there is a lot of confusion in this regard because they are little-known tools to date. At the time of purchase, you must be very careful that the device chosen has the certificate of conformity, that is, that the manufacturing company ensures that it complies with the latest ministerial decree.

We have done a search for you and we recommend the following devices, all with a certificate of conformity that you can download from the site or request at the time of purchase.

Be wary of those who do not have this self-certification of conformity or do not want to provide it.


Designed by two fathers of Bologna, this device with sensor is positioned under the seat and is powered by the cigarette lighter socket. It is able to detect the weight of the child and, if the car is turned off by not immediately taking the child with him, a sound signal will be given to warn the driver.

Cost 79 euros the single and 99 the double (for those who have more seats in the car). HERE you can find the certificate of conformity of this device.

Nanny pad

anti abandonment device

Adaptable to the seat of all approved car seats for children, from group 0+ up to group 3. This cushion must be positioned on the seat, then it must be activated and connected to a special App. Also in this case, the sensors are in able to detect the presence of the child in the car and send an audible alarm on the driver’s smartphone, in case he leaves, leaving the child tied up in the car. If you do not deactivate the alarm within 60 seconds, you will receive an emergency call from the virtual switchboard. If you are unable to answer the call, a final 60 second sound notification will be sent. If the alarm is not deactivated, an emergency call and an SMS will be sent to the pre-selected numbers with the GPS indication useful for identifying the position of the child.


It is an anti-abandonment device that uses Bluetooth and is a kind of cushion that is positioned at the base of the seat. If the child is not removed from the car once the car is turned off, the App will take care of notifying the parent thanks to an audible alarm on the smartphone. If there is no answer to this, notify 3 more security numbers indicating the position of the car.

Foppapedretti Babyguard

This device must be positioned at the base of the seat. Its sensors work and send alarm signals via the App installed on the smartphone, these are activated even if the mobile phone is silent and send the message to the previously registered emergency numbers. The Babyguard is the only approved anti-abandonment device for car seats of the Foppapedretti brand.

Chicco Bebècare easy-tech

The Chicco device does not position itself under the seat like many others but attaches to the shoulder straps or to the safety belt thanks to a clip to be closed every time you start in the car. Once the journey is over, it must be opened and thus deactivated when the child is removed from the seat. It works through a special App and therefore to use it you need to be equipped with a smartphone with Bluetooth.

Bebe confort

This pillow detects the presence of the child thanks to the sensors that sense its weight. If the driver mistakenly leaves the child in the seat and moves away for more than 10 meters, the audible alarm sounds on the mobile phone which is activated thanks to an app. If the parent does not respond to the alarm, 3 emergency contacts are notified via SMS to indicate the exact position of the car.

Baby Bell

This device also works without a smartphone via the car’s cigarette lighter. The weight sensor must be positioned under the padding of the seat and is able to warn of the presence of the child in the car thanks to an acoustic and visual display (the display changes from green to red and flashes). If you use it associated with your smartphone, however, you receive the alert directly on your mobile phone. If after a few minutes the child is not removed from the car, three mobile numbers will be notified to which the exact position of the car will also be indicated. The device also warns if the child is not well positioned on the seat during the trip by emitting 3 alarm beeps and turning red.

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