Kinds of Canceling Prayers In Islam

In terms of Islamic law, surely a worship is said to be invalid when we disregard the terms and pillars that have been determined from a worship. Likewise, when performing the prayer, which has its own requirements and harmony.After learning about the pillars of prayer , sunnah prayers , and the legal and obligatory requirements for prayer . Of course we will not be left behind, we will also learn and know about things that can make prayer invalid or invalid.

Things that cancel prayer

The following are things that can cancel our prayer:

  1. Berhadats, both small and large hadats
  2. Exposed unclean
  3. Change the intention of prayer (decide prayer intentions carried out)
  4. Speak on purpose
  5. Laughing out loud (in a big, loud voice)
  6. The nakedness
  7. Eat and drink
  8. Moves three times continuously (not tuma’ninah )
  9. Behind the Qibla
  10. Precede the movement of priests (when praying in congregation)
  11. Apostasy (out of Islam)

Even if the prayer is canceled, keep the ablution

Of the many things that cancel the prayer above. There are several things we need to know together. When our prayers are canceled, we are obliged to repeat the canceled prayers. If you do not repeat it, then the prayer is considered invalid and will certainly get sin.

In addition, if there are things that cancel prayer, then it is not certain to make our ablution become invalidated. But when there are things that make our ablution become invalidated, it will definitely cancel the prayer.

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