Letters, Minutes and Memorandums: Definition, Structure and Examples

This article will discuss three interrelated things, namely letters, minutes, and Memorandums. In general, we can find these three things in a meeting or activity that requires the use of letters to invite participants in attendance.

Minutes to record the results obtained during the meeting and memorandum, which are generally in the form of an order. Now, to find out more about letters, minutes, and Memorandums please pay attention and understand carefully, the explanation below.

Understanding Letters, Minutes, and Memorandums

The letter is a form of communication media in the form of writing, written between one person and others, as well as institutions. There are several types of letters, namely personal letters, trade letters, and invitation letters.

But this article will discuss about the invitation letter. An invitation letter is an official letter using straightforward and polite language. This letter, in general, was made by a particular agency, institution or organization aimed at another party. The making of this letter aims to invite a party.

The minutes are a brief note related to the meeting. In addition, the note-taker also notes various matters discussed during the meeting and the results of the meeting’s decision. The minutes of the meeting can also be said as a concise note about the proceedings of the meeting. Minutes of the meeting are discussion reports containing brief notes, as previously explained.

Memo or memorandum is a letter made by a superior to subordinates or officials who are on the same level as officials who make memos. The memo contains a brief note on the subject matter to show the message to be conveyed.

This memo is a communication medium that is used in a small scope and has an informal nature. Memo contains instructions, requests, notices, hopes or instructions.Based on the opinion above it can be seen that the invitation letter is intended to invite a person or party in an activity. Whereas the minutes are notes about the results of the decisions of a meeting and all matters relating to the meeting.

Then the memo is an informal letter written briefly and has the purpose to govern, submit a request, and hope. Furthermore, what is the structure of the invitation letter, minutes and memos, so that everything looks different from each other. You will find the answer in the next discussion.

Structure of Letters, Minutes and Memorandums.


The parts contained in the invitation letter, can be described as follows.

  1. Letterhead or other name for the letter head
  2. Reference number
  3. Date on the letter
  4. This is the purpose of the letter
  5. Letter attachment
  6. Mailing Address
  7. Greetings letter opener
  8. The contents of the letter
  9. Greetings cover letter
  10. The signature, name and title of the person who made the letter
  11. CC, only if needed

The structure of the meeting minutes is different from the letter, what are the differences? This will be explained below.

meeting minutes

  1. Name of meeting held
  2. When the meeting was held
  3. The venue for the meeting
  4. Chairperson in meetings
  5. Participants who attended the meeting
  6. Agenda to be discussed in the meeting
  7. Results of meeting decisions.
  8. Signature of meeting secretary
  9. The meeting leader’s signature

Not only invitation letters and meeting minutes have a structure in their writing. Memo also has a structure in its writing. What are the structure of the writing? Please watch.

memo structure

  1. The giver or writer of the memo
  2. Recipient of the memo or addressed to whom, the memo
  3. The contents of the memo
  4. The autograph of the memo writer.

Knowing the structure of invitations, minutes and memos will not be more complete without understanding them in an example. The example is expected to give you the knowledge to distinguish between the three. Please look at the next discussion.

Examples of Letters, Minutes and Memorandums

To get a clearer picture of the differences from letters, minutes and meetings, please study carefully, the example below:

Sample Invitation Letter

letter format in company

Example Minutes

meeting minutes

Example Memo

memo structure

How, have you understood the sound of the difference from invitation letters, minutes, and memos. The difference can be seen also from the examples given above, hopefully the presence of this discussion can provide benefits for readers in preparing invitation letters, minutes and memos. Have a good study.

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