Kindness refers to the quality of something good , it is the inclination towards virtuous behavior. Based on this, we understand that goodness is an inclination towards good, to be good and to do good. Therefore, Kindness is the quality with which we define good people. Following the previous line, kindness is the adjective with which we can describe the character of a person . However, goodness is not just something proper to human beings themselves. We can use this adjective to describe the nature of an object, of an action or intention as a good thing. In some cases, the word goodness can be used as a synonym for others related to good character . Some examples would be tenderness or sweetness, for example: “My mom is a nurse and always treats her patients with great patience and kindness.” Kindness describes the quality of something good and generous. The word goodness derives from the Latin term bonitas and its original meaning indicates the quality of good . The original term in Latin is made up of the word bonus and the suffix tat that mean good and quality respectively.

The word Kindness is an abstract noun derived from the aforementioned term. Related to this noun is the kind adjective used to describe someone’s personality . Thus, a kind person has a calm genius, likes to promote good things and actions. This means that not only is dedicated to doing good things for others but also encourages them to do the same. Kindness implies having a kind, benevolent and generous character when it comes to helping others . Someone who is kind tends to see that others benefit from the good things that happen. For example, kind people often get involved in charitable causes in order to help those in need. Kindness concepts Numerous disciplines have attempted to quantify goodness without much success. Some examples are found in ethics, philosophy , morals, or even religion .

In the first instance, the problem when quantifying goodness lies in its abstract character. For this reason it is very common to associate it with other values ​​such as solidarity , humility or respect . On the other hand, another way to identify evil is by putting it as the opposite of evil . More specifically, goodness is said to be the absence of evil. In this sense, goodness does not pretend to avoid or deny evil, but aims to promote good at all times and situations. The Greek philosopher Socrates considered goodness to be a state of the soul just as wisdom is the essence of the soul. Other thinkers considered reason to be more important than anything else. And the Prussian philosopher Inmanuel Kant said that the good or the bad are conditions of the human will since it is in the conduct of man that these qualities appear.

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