What kind of society will we create?

Is the accountability of the law only to the constitution of the country? Is law not accountable to civilization and morality? Is it possible that a person’s conduct is within the purview of law but not morality?

In fact, some recent orders of the Hon’ble Court forced him to think something similar. Take the recent decision of the Supreme Court regarding Section 497 . The essence of the decision is that adultery is no longer in the category of crime. Adultery means adultery, which you can call misconduct i.e. bad conduct, evil conduct, immoral conduct, but not an unlawful conduct at all! Because the court believes that the woman is not the property of the husband. The woman’s sexual choice after marriage cannot be stopped. Due to which section 497 is also unconstitutional. Therefore, this nearly 150-year-old law of the colonial period has no justification.

According to this latest court ruling, the relationship between two adults is no longer a crime, outside the institution called mutual consent, but the basis of divorce is still there. This order of the court given in modern perspective has created a very strange situation in a country like India, because marriage, it is not just an event in Indian culture like Western culture, nor is it only a Between men and women is a means to fulfill their physical needs. This is a rite in the Sanatan tradition.

A spiritual practice of attaining the four efforts of life, which husband and wife together complete. It is a sacred bond that rests on three pillars, Rati, Dharma and Pragya (progeny). One of the four Ashrams of life, Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sannyas, one of the important Ashram Grihasthas, whose goal is to fulfill their obligations to the seekers of the remaining Ashrams, to live together with each other and to create a superior new generation through childbirth and The ancestral debt has to be repaid.

In Sanatan culture, all these rites or deeds are the path to attain salvation, the ultimate goal of life, because when we talk of these four efforts, the path of moksha, dharma, artha moksha, it is very important to understand that religion here Means ‘dharyate iti dharma’, not conduction, meaning conduct or behavior and hence religion here is not one of these four efforts, but only effort. R is the origin of effort. Overall, it can be said that following religion is essential in every sphere of life for attaining salvation.

Therefore, religion (conduct) should be religious, meaning money is also religious, and the fulfillment of sex ie sex is also religious, only then salvation can be attained. Marriage (V, WOW) in this way would mean a bond in which both men and women bear their special responsibilities towards the creation, but beyond this, when the court today hears the order that the two adults with mutual consent A known act that cannot be said to be moral in any civilization of the world is no longer illegal, what should it be called?

In the memory of the Honorable Court, the countries of the world where adultery is not a crime, but our scriptures did not come in their memory, who consider both men and women equally guilty for this crime and both for harsh punishment and atonement. Provisions are also given, because it is clear from many of our ancient stories that this kind of immoral conduct has to be punished by the gods and also God. Have to make an opinion Indra Dev suffered the curse of Gautama Rishi due to his immoral conduct, Vishnu had to become a stone, and Brahma is not worshiped even though he was the Jagat father.

These stories have tried to give a clear message that even the most powerful in this creation are bound by certain rules and morality has to be followed by them, otherwise they are punished, they also do atonement. In the memory of the Honorable Court, the British Chief Justice John Holt’s statement of 1707 did not come up, in which he had described adultery as the most serious crime after murder. Yes, whether man or woman, it is a crime and it is a very serious crime, because it results not only on the lives of two people, but on the existence of the whole family (the Court itself accepted this as the basis of divorce. Have done). Which has an impact on the personality of children.

How will the children of such broken families become adults and form a society tomorrow? So ignoring all these facts when our courts give quick verdict in such cases (Section 497, Case filed in December of 2017, Judgment filed in September 2018, Sabarimala case 2006, Judgment 2018 and Shani Shingnapur case in January Recorded in 2016, the verdict allows women entry through April 2016) but the hearing of the Ram temple issue is postponed, the common man of the country is forced to think a lot it happens.

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