25 January: National Voters’ Day: A day to make people aware of voting

National Voters’ Day is celebrated on 25 January every year in India . This day is important for every citizen of India. On this day every citizen of India should take an oath of participation in every election of their nation , because the vote of every person of India lays the foundation for the future future of the country. Therefore each person’s vote becomes a partner in the creation of the nation.


The Election Commission of India has the responsibility to conduct all elections held in India in a fair manner. The ‘Election Commission of India’ was formed on 25 January 1950, 1 day before the Indian Constitution came into force, because on 26 January 1950, India was going to become a democratic country and the Election Commission was necessary to conduct elections in India through democratic processes. That is why ‘Election Commission of India’ was formed on 25 January 1950.


The Government of India started celebrating Election Commission’s establishment day ’25 January’ as’ National Voters’ Day ‘to increase people’s participation in every election from the year 2011 and National Voters on 25 January every year since 2011. The day is celebrated. On this day, several programs are organized by governments and many social organizations in the country to make people aware of voting so as to ensure maximum participation of people in the political processes of the country.


National Voters Day is organized every year to remind the citizens of India of their duty towards their nation . Organizing National Voters’ Day also tells people that voting is necessary for every person. Participation in the voting process of every citizen of India is necessary, because only one vote of the common man changes governments. A vote of all of us can also elect a good representative in a moment and can also choose a useless representative, so every citizen of India should use their vote wisely and choose such governments or representatives, which To take the country on the path of development and progress.


India is 65 percent of the country’s population, so the youth should participate more and more in every election of the country and should choose governments that rise above communalism and casteism and think about the development of the country. The day the youth of the country wakes up, on that day casteism, high-pitched, communal discrimination from the country will end. This can only happen by voting for all of us.


On 25 January, every citizen of India should take an oath, believing in democracy , that they will uphold the democratic tradition of holding free, fair and peaceful elections in the country and in every election, religion, race, caste, community, language were affected. Will vote without fear. Millions of people take such oaths on 25 January every year.


But still this oath is rarely implemented, because even today people vote on communal, casteist and linguistic grounds. Due to this many people of criminal tendency also go to the Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of the country by choosing representatives. Therefore every citizen of India should rise above the communal and ethnic base to use his / her vote for a person of a clean image.


The purpose of ‘National Voters’ Day is to ensure maximum participation in people’s voting as well as to make voters aware of voting to choose a representative of a good clean image. Along with the voters, the Election Commission of India also has an important contribution to make our democracy so strong in the world. Due to our Election Commission, fair elections are held in the country. Today, on the day of ‘National Voters’ Day, every voter of the country should resolve to strengthen democracy through its active participation.


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