Kammererita. Beautiful stone that was identified in 1841 by the Finnish mineralogist Nordenskiöld . Its name honors Russian mining engineer Kammerer of Saint Petersburg .


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The kammererite, a beautiful fuchsia pink color, is a chromiferous variety of clinochlor whose name comes from the Greek “klino”, for its oblique, inclined axis and “chloros”, green . That is why the term kammererita is used to differentiate its color.

Kämmererita is a variety of KÄMMERERITA. The KÄMMERERITA is a mineral from the group of silicates, phyllosilicate subgroup and within them it belongs to hydrochlorides. It is a [[ magnesium , iron and aluminum aluminosilicate .

Its origin is metamorphic in various types of slates and marbles; hydrothermal in quartz veins and quartz ores and alpine veins, it occasionally replaces certain minerals, such as biotite . It has a complex chemical composition. KÄMMERERITA is very common in a great variety of metamorphic rocks, being the main component of the so-called shales.

Physical Properties

  • DENSITY: 2.7
  • STRIPE: Colorless
  • COLOR: greenish, gray , white , yellowish, brown , reddish purple .
  • BRIGHTNESS: Vitreous to Pearl
  • EXFOLIATION- FRACTURE: Perfect – Irregular
  • CRYSTALLIZATION: Monoclinic System
  • TRANSPARENCY: Transparent to translucent
  • MORPHOLOGY: Tightly formed, aggregated, leafy and radial tabular crystals and compact masses


It is cut into facets for its beautiful color but its weak hardness makes it very fragile, it is a collector’s stone.


The beautiful fuchsia pink crystals from Kop Daglari in Turkey ( Kop Krom mine ), and the largest of the Urals in Russia . It is also found in Val Locarna in the Piedmont of Italy . Crystals up to 50 mm in diameter, associated with chondrodite and magnetite, are known from the Tilly Foster mine , Brewster , New York and Chester , Pennsylvania ( USA ). It also occurs in the form of oxide crusts of up to oxide of up to 40 cm in Beramy]] (Madagascar ).


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