Bangles . Decorative element, generally cylindrical in shape that is usually placed on the wrists of the hands although there are also models made for the ankles. They can be made of normally precious metal like gold or silver , fantasy, wood , or thread .

History and evolution

Before, gold bracelets or bracelets were used, which represented the great economic power of their owners. Over time they have evolved and have been manufactured in different ways and with different elements.

There are a wide variety of bracelets, there are people who use it in a certain material and / or colors such as threads, it is said to be to bring good luck to its wearer.

Bracelets from all ancient civilizations have begun to this day, beginning with prehistoric Bronze Age , which usually have a simple spiral or circular shape. The Egyptians follow , cylindrical and two-piece, adorned with precious stone inlays and emblems typical of the style.

The Phoenicians are made as open rings and end in animal heads. The Greeks and Romans have circular or spiral shapes, imitating a snake and are often adorned with stones and medals. From the Byzantine Empire, it is evident from the mosaics and miniatures of its origin that the bracelet was also used by the upper classes. However, it should not have been very common, and even less so in the West (with the exception of the northern regions of [[Europe], judging by the very few remains that the Middle Ages have left us with such supplements .

In the 15th century, gentlemen re-established their use as a currency in weapons games and in the Modern Age , ladies as a luxury item. Today it is used again by both women and men.

Magnetic bracelets

Magnetic bracelets or bangles are a great way to combine magnetic therapy. They alleviate the discomfort and stiffness of the neck , shoulders and back. They optimize the body’s energy, providing vitality and a feeling of well-being.

They demonstrate their effectiveness in clinical trials with patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. Of course, the patient must not abandon his conventional treatment.

These ionized bracelets are a ‘best seller’ (each year, they raise almost 4,000 million euros worldwide)


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