Jug . It is a clay, glass or other material vessel with a wide neck and mouth and one or more handles of Arab origin. There are different materials and elegant figures and are also an architectural ornament. The jugs are already used to conserve water, and to put in them all kinds of liquids such as wine, oil, etc.

Types of Jugs

Measuring jugs: A measuring jug, measuring cup or measuring cup is a kitchen utensil mainly used to measure different volumes of liquids or powdery materials used as ingredients for cooking, especially for volumes from 50 ml. The measuring jug has a very simple concept, it is a container with a handle, generally transparent that has one or more scales on its surface. Each scale represents a type of ingredient such as flour, sugar, yeast, water, etc.

Electric jugs: An electric jug or kettle is a small appliance used to boil liquids, usually water to make tea or coffee. Its construction is usually that of a steel or plastic container with a jug-like handle, containing an electrical resistance inside; When the water reaches its boiling point, the jar automatically turns off preventing spillage.


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