Jacuzzi . Name of the company that produces these bathtubs and spas, although it is used to refer to all of them in general. It was invented by Cándido Jacuzzi ( 1903 – 1986 ), an Italian who emigrated to the United States , where he worked making hydraulic pumps .


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Jacuzzi family history

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Italian-American Jacuzzi family invented water pumps for industrial use . Because one of the children in the family had arthritis , they developed a special bathroom pump. The invention was gaining popularity and support among the famous people to become the object that it is today day .

In 1907 the Jacuzzi brothers, originating from northern Italy , moved to California , United States . They dabbled in aviation making airplanes with propellers of their own creation, then invented the first closed cabin monoplane, which was used by the United States Postal Service and for the transportation of passengers.

In 1956, the idea of ​​treating the symptoms of arthritis of one of the family members with hydrotherapy was born , for which they build what will be the beginning of what is currently the business. The J-300, a motorized pump that is easy to transport and which is sold to schools and hospitals.

In 1968 Roy Jacuzzi invented and commercialized the first fully integrated hydrotherapy bath incorporating hydrotherapy devices (Jets) on the side walls of the tub. The pleasure of the hydrotherapy bath was now within everyone’s reach.

The first hydrotherapy pool units (SPAS) are born. Designed to accommodate several people at the same time, they have built-in filtration systems and water temperature maintenance .

In 1980 Jacuzzi began its operations in Chile, establishing the Jacuzzi Chile SA factory, offering a wide range of products with advanced technology and quality standards that comply with internationally recognized standards (ISO 9000: 2000).

In the early 1990s, Roy Jacuzzi was inducted into the United States’ National Kitchen & Bath Hall of Fame, in recognition of his continued contributions to the use of home hydrotherapy.

As an inventor and leader in innovation worldwide. Jacuzzi® continues day by day working on new designs that allow you to offer new experiences in the bathroom, without neglecting quality and the environment .

The product provided the company with international fame. Its popularity is such that today the name of the company is frequently used to refer to any hot tub. His current motto is: “Jacuzzi: Water that moves you.” (Jacuzzi: the water that “moves” / “moves”).

Jacuzzi and Spa

Jacuzzi is an American company, based in Chino , California , that produces hot tubs. The company started producing airplanes early the twentieth century , after hydraulic pumps for agricultural use, and finally, a result of the need for treatment of a member of the family founder, jetted tubs, invention that gave the world famous company. The company name is frequently used to refer to any bathtub with these characteristics.

The invention was gaining popularity and support among the famous people to become the object that it is today day .

Any bathtub can bubble, but only a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub provides the most advanced relaxation system.

The massage: caressing, satisfying and energizing. Optimal massage for the whole body . You emerge refreshed, relaxed, and energized.

The bathtubs have anti-slip surfaces and an exclusive suction system with a high degree of safety. The Jacuzzi are spread throughout the world. They are used in Hotels, Resorts and Spas.

Jacuzzi Vision

Thanks to the creation of the most complete health and wellness experience and the best customer service, Jacuzzi® is recognized worldwide as a global leader and innovator in the sector of technologically advanced luxury products for baths and spa.

Thus, Jacuzzi® encourages consumers themselves to seek a lifestyle oriented towards well-being, through an unbeatable wellness experience. History led us here, excellence continues to project us into the future.

Jacuzzi Company

Jacuzzi Europe SpA is part of Jacuzzi Brands Corporation, a global reality that has more than three hundred original patents, thousands of people who speak different languages ​​but who share a single culture: excellence in wellness. One of the main centers of this global network is located in Italy , precisely in Valvasone, the hometown of the Jacuzzi family.

There, in addition to coordinating the European and Asian markets, the latest technologies are combined with the most advanced research in design and contemporary lifestyles to create innovative and current solutions that make Jacuzzi® the brand where luxury has its maximum expression. Everything in Jacuzzi® is conceived to make life live intensely, to open new horizons, to produce experiences, and not mere products.


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