Joseph Lino Vaamonde

Jose Lino Vaamonde . He was a Spanish architect who managed to get thousands of works of art out of Spain from the Prado Museum to prevent their destruction during the Civil War.


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biographical synthesis

José Lino Vaamonde was born on April 20 , 1900 in Alongos, Orense, Spain .

He comes from a Galician family with noble ascendancy, counts of Torre de Penela and had seven brothers. He studied high school in Ourense and, at the age of seventeen, moved to Madrid , where he graduated in Exact Sciences from the Central University in 1921 , and in Architecture from the Higher School in 1927 .

Vaamonde defrays his expenses with his employment in the Telegraph Corps, of which he was an official by opposition since 1920 , he also obtains the title of quantity surveyor in 1934 and the certificate issued by Dr. Gustavo Pittaluga in the Sanitary Specialization course for municipal engineers and architects .

Professional work

José Lino Vaamonde began his work activity in 1928 , with his participation in the construction of the Madrid Metro . The following year he works on the project for laying the Orense-Santiago de Compostela railway line, and collaborates on interior reform and expansion plans.

Republican and progressive joins the Republican Left on December 10 , 1935 .

When the civil war began, he was in charge of the Emergency Services headquarters in the central area of ​​Madrid , where the most important cultural centers of the city are located: the Prado Museum, the National Library , the Royal Academies, among others.

On October 28, 1936 he was assigned as curator architect of the Prado, being one of those responsible for the transfer of works from the Prado Museum during the Civil War. Days after the transfer of works of art began , on November 16, 1936 , the bombing of the center of Madrid took place, affecting the Prado Museum .

He worked as an architect for the Central Board of the Artistic Treasure in Valencia , which was chaired by the painter Timoteo Pérez Rubio , here he designed and directed the construction of the structural reinforcements of the deposits in the Torres de Serranos and the church of the Colegio del Patriarca, enabling them to house the moved goods there.

He served as deputy general commissioner of the Spanish pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937 and at the beginning of 1938 , after the transfer of the Government of the Republic from Valencia to Barcelona , ​​he was appointed General Secretary of Propaganda of the Ministry of the Presidency.

He suffers an accident in which he breaks both legs. By indication of Azaña he is transferred to Paris for his recovery, and there appointed Member of the National Committee for Aid to Republican Spain .

After the war he suffered exile in Venezuela together with Fernando Salvador, Ortiz García, Javier Yarnoz and other architects. There Vaamonde carried out various jobs until he was hired as a draftsman by the Shell Caribean Petroleum Company established in Caracas .

Among his works in Venezuela we highlight the motel built in Cardón, the Buen Pastor church and school in Caracas , as well as the magnificent Shell Building also in Caracas .

Other works of his in Venezuela as an architect were the regulatory plans for the cities of Lagunillas in 1954 and Altagracia in 1958 ; the Claret schools in Caracas in 1957 , San Francisco Javier, Punto Fijo in 1959 and Santo Ángel Maturín, also in 1959 ; the Shell Service Building for the Cagua Farmer in 1952 ; the Cardón Refinery Office Building in 1959  ; the Manaure Cardón Club in 1953 and the Hospital for Burns in Maracaibo.

An important anecdote turned out to be that during the years 1926 – 1927 he was secretary of the board of directors of Real Madrid and in a tour of America that the team made in 1952 he was invited by the president of the club Santiago Bernabeu to attend a game in Caracas against the Millionaires of Bogotá . The white president wanted to sign Adolfo Pedernera , a player from the Colombian team that he had noticed, but Vaamonde insisted and convinced him that he had to sign Alfredo Di Stéfano , as it happened.

José Lino Vaamonde Valencia… an example of personal integrity, improvement and professionalism.


José Lino Vaamonde dies in Caracas , Venezuela on October 3 , 1986 .


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