Who was Joseph, governor of Egypt?

oseph of Egypt was one of Jacob’s twelve sons. He was sold as a slave but became governor of all Egypt! God used Joseph to save his family from hunger.

Joseph had ten older brothers and was his father Jacob’s favorite. He also had prophetic dreams and said that he had received dreams that showed that he would be the leader of the family. Because of these things, his brothers hated him ( Genesis 37: 9-11 ).

José is betrayed

Once, when they were away from their father, Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave and made it appear that he had died. Joseph was taken to Egypt, where he was sold to Potiphar, Pharaoh’s officer. God blessed Joseph and he became the chief steward of Potiphar’s goods ( Genesis 39: 3-5 ).

Potiphar’s wife saw that Joseph was attractive and wanted to tamper with him. But Joseph was faithful to God and his lord and avoided being close to her ( Genesis 39: 8-10 ). One day when Joseph ran away from her, Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of trying to rape her. So Joseph was thrown into prison . For the second time, Joseph was betrayed.

Joseph, governor of Egypt

God continued to bless Joseph and he became the prison administrator! Genesis 39: 22-23 ) After a while, Joseph talked to two prisoners who were sad because they did not understand the meaning of their dreams. Joseph heard the dreams and gave the interpretation: within three days the pharaoh’s cupbearer would be forgiven but the pharaoh’s baker would be executed.

Everything happened as Joseph had predicted, but Pharaoh’s butler forgot about him. Two years later, Pharaoh had strange dreams and the butler remembered Joseph. Pharaoh had seen seven lean cows eating seven fat cows and seven bad ears of wheat killing seven good ears. Joseph explained that this meant that the next seven years would be plentiful but the next seven would be very hungry ( Genesis 41: 28-30 ).

Joseph advised Pharaoh to keep food to prepare for the years of famine. Pharaoh, impressed by Joseph’s wisdom, appointed him governor of all Egypt! Only Pharaoh was above Joseph ( Genesis 41: 38-40 ).

Joseph and his brothers

Joseph prospered as governor and prepared Egypt by collecting food. When the years of famine came, Joseph began to sell the wheat to the Egyptians and people of other peoples ( Genesis 41: 53-54 ). Joseph’s family in Canaan was also affected and his brothers went to Egypt to buy food .

Joseph saw his brothers, who did not recognize him, and accused them of being spies. He arrested one of the brothers and sent the others to fetch his younger brother, Benjamin ( Genesis 42: 19-21 ). Jacob did not want the young man to go, but in the end the hunger was so great that he let him go.

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When they returned, Joseph set a trap and made Benjamin look like a thief. Faced with the threat of losing Benjamin, Joseph’s brothers confessed their sin. So Joseph revealed his identity and forgave them! – Genesis 45: 4-5

Joseph brought his father and his whole family to Egypt, where they prospered and spent 400 years. Joseph recognized the action of God in his life and never took revenge ( Genesis 50: 19-21 ). God used everything that had happened to Joseph to save his family!


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