Who was Caleb in the Bible

aleb was a companion of Joshua who led the conquest of the promised land. He believed in the power of God and, therefore, God blessed him with long life and conquests at the end of his life.

Caleb the spy

When the people of Israel reached the border of the promised land, Moses sent 12 spies to find out whether the land was good or bad ( Numbers 13: 1-2 ). One of the 12 spies was Caleb, son of Jefoné , of the tribe of Judah.

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After 40 days, the spies returned with the news that the land was good and fertile, but the people who lived there were very strong. The other spies discouraged the people but Caleb believed that God would give them victory ( Numbers 13: 30-31 ). Caleb and Joshua tried to cheer up the people, declaring that God had the power to drive out their enemies and remembering how good the land was. But the people rebelled against God and talked about stoning Caleb, Joshua, Moses and Aaron.

Because of the rebellion, God punished the people, declaring that they would spend 40 years in the desert ( Numbers 14: 32-34 ). All adult Israelites would die without entering the promised land. Only Caleb and Joshua would enter. God blessed Caleb, because he was a man of integrity, and promised an inheritance for his descendants ( Numbers 14:24 ).

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Caleb conquers his heritage

Caleb became leader of the tribe of Judah and, at the age of 85, entered the promised land. He conquered the part of the land that he had explored as a spy, which became his inheritance. Even though he was old, Caleb still had the strength to fight! – Joshua 14: 10-11

During the conquest of the land, Caleb promised to give his daughter, called Acsa, in marriage to whoever won a place called Kiriath-Sefer. His nephew Otoniel conquered the city and married Acsa. Later, Otoniel became Israel’s leader ( Judges 3: 9-11 ).

What can we learn from Caleb?

  • Faith– while others saw only the problems, Caleb trusted God’s promise; so Caleb saw the fulfillment of the promise
  • Courage– Caleb was ready to obey God, even when it was dangerous
  • Patience– Caleb only received his inheritance at 85 but he did not give up on God during his 40 years in the desert
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