Job satisfaction: what it is and tips for creating an ideal environment

For many people job satisfaction can be difficult to achieve. This is because for them, satisfaction is related to other factors that go far beyond benefits and remuneration.Some researchers and scholars have already understood that job satisfaction is related to the expectation and reality experienced by employees in the workplace.

However, many employees have still not been able to find job satisfaction, making this constant search become a concern that has only grown in recent times.

The ideal is for the worker to find meaning in what he proposes to do daily and still discover what his career purpose really is. In this process, the company needs to assume an important role in providing what the employee needs to feel satisfied.

Understand in this post what is job satisfaction, what causes satisfaction, who are the authors who studied the subject, what is the importance of job satisfaction for companies and how to generate employee satisfaction.

What is job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction can be understood as the way a person feels when carrying out their professional activities. However, this feeling can depend on several factors.

Therefore, job satisfaction can be influenced by the environment and the organizational climate, the security that the company offers to its employees, the hygiene found in the establishments, the form of management, the company’s culture, among other factors.

Job satisfaction can also mean the emotional state in which a person is facing the results obtained with his activities. Taking pleasure in doing what you love can turn into satisfaction.

What causes job satisfaction?

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Feeling satisfied at work is very subjective and the reaction may be different for each individual. However, some factors may be common to everyone. Check out the main causes of job satisfaction.

1. Autonomy, purpose and improvement

The professional feels much more satisfied when he has the autonomy to direct his life, has a purpose to progress professionally and seeks to improve himself to achieve his goals.

2. Good relationships in the workplace

Having a good relationship in the work environment makes the atmosphere much more pleasant and the professional manages to develop his tasks better. This way, it is easier to visualize a good result, leaving the worker more satisfied.

3. Be happy in and out of work

When an individual is well in his personal life this ends up reflecting positively on his professional career. For this reason, it is important to maintain a quality of life and keep your health up to date, in addition to having your family close by.

4. Money

In fact, it is not the money that makes the professional satisfied, but the recognition of their work that can be rewarded with some benefits. Therefore, people who are satisfied with their work tend to grow professionally and are rewarded for it.


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5. Know how to deal with differences

Knowing how to deal with differences is essential for the professional to feel satisfied at work. This is because every professional is exposed to a load of stress and risks on a daily basis, but the way he circumvents the situation reflects in good results and satisfaction.

6. Focus on goals

A career needs to be part of your life, but you need to define what is most important in your job. To do this, you need to have an objective that will guide your choices and keep you focused.

7. Separate the personal from the professional

Every professional who wants to build a successful career needs to feel satisfied at work. But for this it is important to separate your personal life from your professional life, showing yourself available to live moments of leisure with your family.

Which authors talk about job satisfaction?

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Job satisfaction is the object of study by many authors who seek to understand what makes an individual feel satisfied with their work. Meet some authors and their works.

Elton Mayo – Hawthorne experience

In the study the author seeks to find out what are the conditions that have an effect on workers’ productivity.

Frederick Winslow Taylor – Principles of scientific management

In the book, the author implemented the concept of Taylorism arguing that it was not possible to find the best way to perform a task-task.

Frederick Herzberg – The Motivation to Work

Herzberg addresses the duality between satisfaction and dissatisfaction in his work, and for him only responsibility, challenge and recognition of work can determine the satisfaction that individuals feel at work.

Lucien Karpik – Expectations and Satisfaction in Work

Karpik informs that it is not possible to measure job satisfaction just by observing the worker’s psychological expectation, being necessary to check his social position, the situation in which he is inserted and his orientations.

What is the importance of job satisfaction for companies?

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Human capital is a company’s most valuable resource. For this reason, it is important that the company is concerned with keeping workers happy to strengthen some aspects of the organization.

1. Turnover

Professionals who are satisfied with their work will generally have no reason to ask to leave a company. As a result, the number of turnover is reduced, reducing costs with this expense.

2. Productivity

Employees satisfied with their activities at work tend to work correctly, increasing productivity and consequently showing better results.

3. Engagement

When employees realize that the company cares and values ​​its employees, many support the company and are more dedicated to their work. In addition, they are concerned with sharing and engaging the entire team to achieve results.


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4. Profit

Having a good work environment, feeling safe in carrying out their activities, feeling recognized and valued are reasons that help to improve the performance of employees. With that, everyone works in search of achieving the best results, reducing costs and increasing profit.

How to generate employee satisfaction?

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Some employees need to be encouraged daily by their managers to remain satisfied with their work. At that moment, the leader has an important role in the development of his team. See how to generate employee satisfaction.

1. Encourage training

To make employees happy, it is necessary to encourage them to seek relevant experiences. For this, it is important to create training projects within the work environment or collaborate with the costs of courses, training and lectures outside of work.

2. Work communication

It is the company’s task to inform and communicate its employees about their objectives, goals and how they are performing at work. That way, employees will be more satisfied with knowing where they need to improve and how their work has contributed to the company’s success.

3. Allow yourself to delegate

Because they do not feel safe, many managers assume all responsibilities and end up suffocated from tasks. So it is important to train people within the team to challenge them and start to delegate responsibilities. Soon, the employee will feel happier when he realizes that his manager trusts his work.

4. Develop employees

The employee feels more satisfied in the work environment when he realizes that his manager assumes responsibilities towards his superiors, defends his ideas and encourages the development of his talent.

5. Respect employees

When a company respects its employees, acting politely and meeting their needs, it makes the environment much lighter and more pleasant. Thus, employees start to feel more comfortable and satisfied in carrying out their activities.

With these tips you realized that job satisfaction is something that can be achieved. However, it is necessary to understand which company and employee must go hand in hand to reach the common goal.


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