What do we need to ensure hospital information security?

Information security in health services is a major concern for institutions. In times of mHealth applications and solutions designed to facilitate medical and administrative procedures or adherence to patient treatment, we need to further reinforce the need for this type of security.

In an interview with Fierce Mobile Healthcare at Partners HealthCare, director Joseph Kvedar said that much of their work using technology is focused on ensuring that all safety practices are being successful. In addition, all employees must undergo HIPAA training, a US federal medical insurance portability law that has stood out for its mandatory health information security criteria.

Among the rules, we have: rigid data storage, physical access control, protection of information confidentiality and definition of information security policies and standards Here, we can see how much the participation of all players, from the CEO to the doctor , is necessary for the construction of a health system in which the patient has his information shared in a practical and safe way.

For Seattle Children’s Hospital, safety is just as important. For him, as soon as someone enters a computer system through a new device, there is a confidentiality form that must be filled out and then software must be installed on the new device to guarantee security.

“I am constantly looking for risks and asking what scale of risk we are on.”

This risk assessment is of the utmost importance and health care workers need to know the risks that sharing information via mHealth apps or apps in general can cause.

Before adopting an information sharing system, hospitals need to verify what type of software is being used, what are the risks of invasion by someone not allowed, what type of network is being used and all other important prerequisites for maintaining confidentiality.

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