The jackfruit must be done to prevent debris

One of the most delicious summer fruits is the jackfruit. The jackfruit fig, mulberry and bread are a family tree. Origin of the plant in southwestern India, where it grows abundantly. And then it spread to other regions of India, Southeast Asia, East Indies, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been given the status of national fruit as it is possible to cultivate jackfruit everywhere in Bangladesh. There are plenty of sugars, sugars and vitamins in the grains. No part of the jacket is to be dropped . Both ripe and raw jackfruit are eaten, the taste of the jackfruit is sweet and similar to pineapple, mango and banana. When raw, it has a neutral taste like potatoes and can be used as a delicious cooking dish.

Various diseases can be seen in jackfruit bees in the month of Falgun. One of these is the mumps mumps. This is called soft rot in English . Today we will know about the causes, symptoms and cure of jackfruit root disease.

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Causes of mustard disease

Raijopasa aratokarpi ( Rhizopus artocarpy ) is called a fungus disease.

Symptoms of the disease

Young fruit and male feces are highly invaded by fungi, and few can grow to maturity. The wife is not usually infected with flowers and mature fruits.
As a result of this disease, a large portion of the affected fruits fall off quickly. In the first stage of attack – the fungus grows in gray with abundant mycelia, which gradually becomes darker and has a darker color.


Disease prevalence

The fungus survives in the abandoned part of the tree and spreads disease through air, water and insects. The prevalence of disease is more pronounced after rainfall and storms. Therefore, during this time rainfall can be a cause for concern for the jackfruit farmers. The prevalence of the disease can be high if the flowers and fruits come in hot and humid weather. Lack of sufficient light increases the incidence of the disease. The fungus gradually spreads over the whole fruit or the whole flower until it falls.

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The suppression of mustache disease

3) Infected puppies, fruits should be picked up in wet sacks and dumped on the ground or burned away.

2) The surroundings of the gardens and trees should always be kept clean.

3) In the jackfruit garden it is best to make no organic fertilizers or compost.

3) It is better not to keep the fruit too thick. If you have a lot of mustaches, you have to make them thin.

3) At the time of flowering, you should spray Diethin-M-1 or Noine-shattering narcotics at a rate of 1.5% every 2-3 days. Or

3) Bordeaux mixture or Diethane-M-1 or Ridomil Gold should be sprayed at a rate of 2.5 g per liter before and after 3 days after grabbing. Or

3) If this disease occurs, then Rovral spray should be done at the rate of 1.2%.

3) Since the flowering of the tree, the fungicide called Faliku should be mixed with 1 gram of water in 4 liters of water and sprayed 3 times a day after 3 days.


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