The suppression of pesticides by the fruit and shoots of jackals

The biggest advantage of jackfruit is its versatility. ] It can be eaten as raw or semi-cooked as vegetables and when ripe. It can be deep fry in a kofta, dried and chopped as a chips. Sun-dried seeds can be eaten as swirls or roasted and snacked. Even the inside of it is sometimes cooked. The ripe fruit is used in sweet, syrup, jam and chutney.

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Pesticide suppressors that spray pomegranate fruit

The insect piercing the fruit of jackfruit is extremely harmful. Older insects lay eggs on gravel. The larvae that hatch eggs enter the fruit. In the initial stages, small pores of fresh pores are seen. By looking at it, the presence of this disease can be confirmed. Gradually the pores become larger and the fungus attacks later on. Damage may occur in the affected area and the jackfruit may be asymptomatic or completely destroyed.


3) The garden should always be kept clean. The infected jackfruit must be destroyed by floating on the ground.

2) Neem oil is very effective in treating this disease. Spray regularly with neem oil (at the rate of 5 ml per liter of water) + Tricks 1 ml.

3) In case of a major attack, you need to spray dimethoate national pesticide foot pump at the rate of 2 ml per liter of water.

Repellent insect repellent

The insect pierced the stem of the tree and consumed the inside of the tree to reduce the yield of the tree, eventually the tree died.


Attacks of pests are observed on the tree trunk. Also, there is a swarm of garlands on the tree trunk.


4) Insect should be killed by observing the hole.

2) Paradichlorobenzene should be inserted into the mouth of the hole and closed with soil in its mouth.

3) By entering the kerosene mixed water or pesticide mixed water through the syringes, the insect inside the hole will be killed by coating the mouth of the hole with mud.

3) Insert the iron rod into the hole and arrange for insect pest.

5) The metal should be inserted into his or her nail hole and arrange for beating.

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