IV titanium oxide

Titanium oxide IV. o Titanium dioxide is a chemical compound whose formula is TiO 2 . Among other things, it is used in advanced photocatalyzed oxidation processes. It is also used as a white pigment.


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Titanium Oxide whose molecular formula is TiO 2 , is one of the whitest substances that exist and occurs structurally in nature as: Rutile (tetragonal structure), Anatase (tetragonal structure) and Brookite (orthorhombic structure).


  • Titanium dioxide is widely used as a white pigment in exterior paints because it is chemically inert, because of its great coating power, its opacity to UV light damage and its self-cleaning capacity. Dioxide has also been used as a bleaching and opaque agent in porcelain enamels, giving a high gloss, hardness and acid resistance final finish.
  • The applications of Titanium Oxide are multiple, but the main one is to be a pigment for paints, plastics, printing inks, cosmetics, textile and food products due to its dispersion properties, its chemical stability and its non-toxicity that turns it into a pigment. inorganic with great global importance. It is also used as a catalyst and in the manufacture of ceramics.
  • Other areas where Titanium Oxide is used is in the

White cement

white cement manufacturing and also as UV absorber in sunscreens, soaps and cosmetics.


  • It reflects almost all visible radiation and maintains its color.
  • It has a high refractive index (2.4 like that of diamond).
  • It is a very effective photocatalyst, accelerating the chemical reactions caused by light radiation.
  • He is an amphoteric.
  • It is a light sensitive semiconductor, absorbs electromagnetic radiation near the UV region.
  • It dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acidand in hydrofluoric acid .


Titanium dioxide, TiO 2 , is commonly found in a black or brownish form known as rutile. The natural forms that are least found in nature are anaphasite and brookite . Both rutile and Anatase cigars are white. The basic black oxide, FeTiO 3 , is found naturally as the mineral called ilmenite ; This is the main commercial source of titanium .


The worldwide importance of Titanium Oxide makes it the most exploited white pigment (70%), with annual sales of 4 million tons and consumption that increases by 2% annually (2004) and is mainly destined for the industries of paints and plastics. For every ton of titanium (IV) oxide manufactured, almost 3.8 tons of derived products are produced.


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