Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide . It is one of the most historically used basic oxides of humanity for its chemical properties and applications.


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It is poorly soluble in water but very soluble in acids. It is found in a natural state in zinc, High heat capacity, acts as a protective layer for solid zinc so that it does not easily oxidize due to its high oxidation potential, It does not have a characteristic odor, it is a very versatile compound .

Obtaining Methods

From solid Zn metal with gaseous oxygen

2 Zn (s) + O2 (g) → 2 ZnO (s)

It is classified into a basic or metallic oxide because it is made up of an atom of a metallic element and oxygen.


The main use of zinc oxide is to prevent damage to our epidermis and accelerate the relief of small wounds and inflammations, since this substance has the ability to adhere to the skin surface and form a thin layer or protective film that isolates external factors that could damage it or increase the injury.
Both healthy and inflamed or injured skin can have a shield that prevents air irritation and friction from clothing, thus reducing itching (burning) and burning; It also has a cooling and drying effect (removes moisture), which is why it generates an unfavorable medium for bacterial growth and reduces the possibility of infections. Finally, it must be said that it is an insoluble compound to water, so it cannot be absorbed by the skin.
In these cases, an ointment or ointment containing zinc oxide can be used, since it forms a layer that protects the skin from irritating factors and gives it the opportunity to prepare itself. The application can be made with each diaper change, after the area has been cleaned and after bathing.
These products can also be used as a preventive measure, since they lubricate and isolate the humidity, avoiding the problems caused by the evacuations of the baby. Finally, it is worth mentioning that creams to avoid or alleviate chafing usually contain other ingredients, such as lanolin, which gives the skin softness, and vitamins A, D and E, which help skin regeneration.
It is also used in the formula of some axillary deodorants, especially sticks, and body deodorants, which are available in the form of talc. These products are very efficient and their use is very widespread, since by eliminating excessive humidity and preventing the proliferation of bacteria, they eradicate bad odors and improve personal appearance.
The skin of bathers and vacationers can be affected by the action of ultraviolet (UV) rays, solar emissions that contain high levels of energy and penetrate human skin, changing the original structure of cells and generating the phenomenon known as photo aging, which consists of the formation of wrinkles, damage to collagen (structural element that gives firmness to the skin) and even the appearance of cancer .
To minimize all these effects, the use of substances that absorb, reflect or scatter UV radiation is used; They are sunscreens, products that can be chemical, those that absorb light and are made up of organic molecules, and physical, which act as a screen that casts a shadow on the skin; they basically contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
Small burns, scrapes and injuries caused by insects usually generate discomfort, pain and inflammation in the skin; Although our body is wise and capable of solving the problem on its own, it can also be helped with medications that reduce discomfort.
Specifically, we are talking about skin protectors, which are insoluble substances that form a layer that prevents irritation by the air and the friction of clothing with damaged skin surfaces, thus promoting skin repair and reducing burning. Many of these products are, of course, made from zinc oxide, and are often part of the first aid kit.


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