Is it a sin to love?

Two letters of the word love may be writing and find little to see but can not be attributed to the depth of it. To love, to be loved, to give love is a very important stage in the life of human beings, love is connected to our lives as a part of it.

Everyone loves someone, be it from their mother, brother, sister, country, relatives, animals, nature, trees, plants, love someone else It is human nature to love. Nobody of this type can deny this, never loved.

Laila Majnu Heer Ranjha patients Juliet, even the golden history of love-lovers, they are remembered by hundreds of years, they have been immortalized by loving and respectful people eat their vows of love.

There used to be a time when love was vowed but now questions are asked before making love. If you do not know how to love then definitely read it.

Our topic today is based on the word love. The question that has often been asked is ” is it a sin to love ” is right or wrong. People may have a different opinion about this question, but what I am going to tell includes special experiences.

Today I am going to tell in this article, Is it really a sin to love ? Especially the youth, I will answer this most asked question in my article, which you will read and know the answer to this question. I will try to explain it in simple words, so please stay with me.

Is it a sin to love?

Love is wrong or right either shows the love that you have never loved you should read about those who loved Actually. And that situation has lived practically. Because this question is always asked by those who are in the early stages of teenage youth.

  • What is true love

And most of all this question comes to mind, it becomes very difficult to take a decision on this, but decision has to be taken. Sometimes we are not able to judge our lover in a hurry, later we get cheated.

So if you have this question, then I would like to say to you that you first understand every aspect, it is better to take the opinion of the other, that you understand the decision by yourself, this article has the answer to all your questions.

Is love right or wrong ?

There are two aspects to anything, good, bad, right, wrong, profit and loss, we should take steps to understand both of them. Talking about our India, the society is given more priority here, it does not take care of more happiness here.

Here every work is done according to the society. Making love also belongs to the society, especially in the society it is always on watch. Those who cause disruption later may like to be in their own home, but they will definitely come to give knowledge among us, so that the relationship is broken by them.

There is no harm in making love if the love is done with the right person, instead of strangers unknown nowadays there is a period of attraction. Often, the youth gets caught in a chakkar, worrying about the money fraud of the rich Amiri, while staying on the phone late at night, it is considered love.

The story of love starts from the youth of puberty when we are in the high school inter era, then we do not understand so much, we love, we spend time, we roam in the meantime, we fall in love with each other.

We do not know ourselves, we do not even see our benefit or loss, with whom we are in love, whether it is worthy of us or not.

Why is it right to love

Love is the need of us humans, two lovers should love each other, there is no better thing, enthusiasm in life is love fuel. If it is not, then the car of life has to be pushed.

The beginning of any relationship starts with love, every person has the right to choose their life partner according to their relationship.

Because we have to live life and not the society has to bear the happiness and sorrows in life and not the society that you are loving. That your expectation, your faith, your respect, your concern, as a companion in your happiness and sorrow, you stand together to fight the troubles.

This is love that cares for you more than your life, so anyone can love, there is no harm in it.

Why is it wrong to love

We are living in a country where the society does not say or say anything on all things, but the love-giver will definitely give his unspoken knowledge on the issue. I will try my best to fail it.

So while making love or taking forward the relationship with someone who does not follow their rules, that love goes wrong even if you are in true love with your partner… they are not shown to them.

What is the reason behind this

Suppose the person you are in love with is not a true love, he only loves your body and cheats you by misusing your trust.

Because it is often when love happens at a young age, we do not even understand and often get cheated after making sexual relations by the wrong lover in love.

If you have conceived in this affair, then what will happen in your family, your parents cannot predict the sorrow of siblings, later nothing is found except regret.

Let us consider some of the major reasons like this.

  • Getting into relationship at an early age, that is, at the age of reading and writing
  • Thinking of getting married against parents
  • Caste religion creed religion
  • Fall in love before marriage
  • The mentality of physical hunger behind love
  • To love a person whom you do not even know properly,
  • Attraction feature Seeing the glare of rich money, choosing a partner

Often all these reasons later become a wrong decision. These are some of the reasons that make a good relationship like love wrong. It gives the appearance of a sin in front of people or society.

What should love ?

Love should be  ?

Tell me one thing, why do we love, not because we have better happiness in our future life. Find a true friend who lives with you throughout your life, sharing happiness and sorrow, helping to fulfill your dreams, not taking advantage of you, meaning that you will cheat and run away when it is over.

It is not a bad thing to do if love or love is true. You should also listen to your elders (parents) because they have experience of it. They have seen this stage before you and they will tell you the matter of interest. Some work that has everyone’s approval always brings happiness. Why should he not love?

Should loving people be afraid of society?

People will come and give you a lot of knowledge, but you will not honestly tell your experience on what is really good or bad. All efforts will be made to break the relationship between you two. But no one will support you by saying your love is right.

Therefore, take decisions yourself, right and wrong will come from understanding your partner from the actual situation and not from anyone’s opinion. When you feel that the person I am in love cares for me rightly, takes care of my smallest happiness, stands with me not only in my happiness but also in grief, then know that your love is not wrong . Choose such a partner immediately.

After all, you have to spend your life with your partner, no society is going to live with you in your grief. Therefore, by paying attention to the work of the society, pay more attention towards your partner.

Is it really a sin to love?

See, love is not a joke or a child’s play. If you are making fun of making love, then you will have to be mentally prepared for deception throughout your life. Because when you are serious about it, the next one will make fun of you.

To love means to trust each other, it is seen that young people fall in love at an early age. She takes the wrong step. Which becomes a hassle for the society for its own family. If love involves consent then that love is not a sin.

It is not at all like to love is never a sin, to love is a work of virtue. If man does not love human being, then how will the world move forward?

Yes, to be indecisive in love is to be premature, to be deceived in love, to misuse love, to lie in deception, to break faith, to never be wrong if there is no dirty thinking behind love.

Amidst the rumors, avoid the fascination of others and find or find true love because it is a question of your life.

Is it a sin to love someone?

No, loving someone is not a sin. But your love has to be true, only to show it to others. If you love someone with all your heart and heart in which you do not expect to get anything, then your love is not called a sin.

Is it a sin to love?

It is not a sin to love unless it is being done legitimately. If you love the desire to get something then it becomes a sin. Otherwise love is never a sin.

Is it a crime to love or not?

To love is not a crime. This is because love is a sweet feeling that exists inside every living thing. It is a natural thing to love anyone. If your mind is clear then love is not a virtue, whereas if your mind and purpose is not well, nothing is bigger than this.

Can there be love even after marriage?

Yes, love can happen even after marriage. This is because love is a feeling, there is no emphasis on it. If someone likes or has started liking us, then it is a legitimate thing that we can fall in love on our own. For example, it has been seen many times that in arranged marriage, the boy grows up within the boy only after marriage. So because love has no time limit, it can start anytime.

Is it wrong to love someone?

No, it is not a wrong thing to love someone. But the condition is that you should love them with all your heart, only by physical attraction. If you have good intentions, then it is not wrong to love anyone.


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