What is love and how do love?

In today’s article we will talk about love, what is love  and why is love? “Love” is such a word about which we get lost in the world of our thoughts by remembering the person whom we love the most in our life.

Love, affection and passion are the things that make a person imaginative. Love is in every human mind, God has made this whole world for love.

All human opinion about love is different. This is because the definition of love is different in everyone’s life, like someone loves their homeland, someone loves their parents, some loves their brother Behen and someone loves their lover or girlfriend.

Love is a feeling that cannot be conveyed in words, it can only be felt, and this feeling starts coming inside all the boys and girls of the world only when he steps into his teenage years.

In those times, when we see any boy or girl, by looking at them, it seems that it is the same person, which is made only for me. Dreams and dreams around the world float before our eyes. Our feet do not stand on the ground and we live in joy and enthusiasm.

All the bad things around also start feeling good at that time and it seems as if we are flying in the air. But can we really give that feeling the name of love? To answer this, I call love and I  am presenting an article on how love is done .

What is love

Love is difficult to define, difficult to measure, and difficult to understand. It is a feeling that produces desire, desire and desire in our heart. There are no requirements in love.

Love is a unique relationship in which people’s hearts are forever connected. “I Love You” is a short sentence, but in reality it is as deep and big as the depth of the sea and the height of the sky.

A well-known person has said that “to love someone is equal to worshiping God with a sincere heart” . Love is a home of happiness The real meaning of love is life, who understood it, understand that his life became successful. In simple words, no one can survive without love in the world.

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From humans to animals, everyone is hungry for love. Where love is found, we go on our own. With love we can achieve the whole world. Friend with the power of love, does the enemy melt as well. Love is always pleasurable whether you give it to someone or if you get love from someone.

Love is a powerful emotion, for which there is no mistaken definition, because it suits each person differently whether love is between family, friends, or lovers, it is a tremendous emotion that is used in many different ways Can be experienced by

what is love

Love is the thing that supports us in living life. This is the sip of nectar that if drunk, the soul becomes immortal and if not found, life becomes hell. No matter how much wealth, wealth and comfort a person has, but if there is no love in his life, then he will never be happy.

Love changes the way people think and see the world. There is power in love that ends the distance between people. When love knocks in someone’s life, then that person completely changes.

A person becomes humble, tender, emotional and sensitive in love. Love changes the greatest dictator completely. Nobody just walks in front of love. Love is not done forcefully, it just happens on its own, which we get to know later.

Love only listens to the sound of the heart, feels the heartbeat. Love is not only the highest in the world, but also at the highest rate of God. It has the power with which a person can fight the whole world for his love by breaking all the restrictions made by the world.

Love is a relationship between two souls that is captured with a feeling that is felt not only within the heart but also within their body.

What is true love

What is true love? True love is one in which there are no conditions, no restrictions, no big or small, no Amir or poor. Everything is justified in true love. True love is far from religion, caste, color, form, richness, poverty. True love happens after knowing each other.

Many such nobles in the world have sacrificed everything in love and set the example of true love like Laila-Majnu , Romeo-Juliet , Heer-Ranjha , Shirin-Farhad are some of the names whose love story is famous in the whole world. The story of their love made true love immortal, which people always remember.

The scope of true love is very large. Love is not limited to lover lovers only. Love can be towards any person. True love is also between mother and child, between brother and behen, between friends and also between the student and teacher.

A wife loves her husband, but when it comes to true love, that wife loves her children only as a mother.

True love does not mean that you spend your whole life living with it. The biggest thing that happens in love is respect. Where there is respect, respect, trust and respect for each other, that is true love. True love happens only once in life.

It takes a lot of time to be true love, it is never seen by anyone. In this, people are connected with each other from the heart, with the soul. True love is sacred like a temple. There is no lust and lust in it. The one who has sacrifice and dedication is the true love.

What is the definition of love

Love does not need any definition. If love has to be defined, then it will become a question, not love. Love is a beautiful feeling, a feeling that can only be felt. Love is the emotion that is born from one heart and touches the heart of the person in front.

There is no language of love, but in all languages, love is the only thing that keeps people connected with each other. Love means connecting emotions with spirit. It is a boon which fills every color of joy and gaiety in life.

What is love

Love is the thing that drives the life of a human being. People’s world changes in love. When the happiness of the other becomes your happiness and the sorrow of the other becomes your sorrow, that feeling is called love. Where there is victory in defeat, it is true love .

Where I and you are not, only where we are is love. Whose eyes are no more beautiful than you, that is love. The one who accepts you with your shortcomings is love. Love is what you want for yourself.

The world is incomplete without love. There is freedom in love. Love is not obedient to anything, and in the true sense of love is not to be taken for granted, but to be given.

What is the difference between love and love

Love is a word that neither means by caste nor by any discrimination. Love is the most precious rattan in the world and is a blessing given to God. True love is the one that has the spirit of renunciation. Expressing love is not fulfilled.

Without listening to anything, it is just in love to understand the affliction and pain of the person in front of them. There is no difference between love and love. The other name of love is love.

How is love

It is very difficult to answer how love is, because when someone is in love, then they do not know how it happened. When someone’s goodness, goodness, goodness, things start to feed the heart, then only love falls. When we are lost like crazy in the memory of someone, then only love happens.

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No one has a sense of when, where and how he falls in love. When people are in love, the whole world starts to look beautiful to them.

We start doing strange things like smiling unnecessarily in private, talking to myself, waking up happily as soon as I hear that person’s name, thinking about him all night long, listening to love songs, these are all signs of love. .

Mahatma Buddha used to say that “When we start liking someone, we want to get it.” To quote- When we like a full, we break it.

But the reverse of this, when we start loving someone genuinely, then we want to rise above the feeling of not getting it or not, that he should be happy in life, to make progress. ”

Like when we start making love, then we do not like to break the flower, but instead pour water on it everyday so that it gives more bloom and fragrance.

Why we fall in love

It is very important to have love in our life. Just as we eat food for energy, only then we get the power to work, in the same way, to make life easier and happy, it is important to get someone’s love and give love to someone.

Love is not just the meeting of two bodies, it is not just the meeting of two people for one selfishness, it is not just a means of physical enjoyment. What does love mean True love is the true joy of love when it settles in the soul through the eyes. Such love is meaningful.

This love will inspire you and then you can find any big destination. Where there is lust, there is no love. If this is the case then the need is over, love is over. Love does not ask for anything, only gives. Love is always prosperous.

Progress without love is against nature. Love is not a name, it is just a feeling. Love was done by Meera, Radha did it, both of them were spiritual, so they became immortal.

When was love love born?

Pyaar Mohabbat has been born since the creation of the universe. It is like that infinite God, who is present in every particle of the universe. Love, which comes out in various forms in our whole life, makes us realize how beautiful life is.

What is most important in love?

Trust is most important in love. Where there is trust, while love thrives, the foundation of love rests on trust. Love cannot be imagined without faith. Faith strengthens love further.

Time is another important thing in love. You must be wondering how? For example, if you fall in love with someone and you cannot express it at the time, then what is the use of it?

Therefore, whenever something happens for someone in your heart, if someone starts going through the eyes through the heart, then see the right time and express your love .

Why do you often fall in love?

Hearts are often broken in love because in today’s era, no one either loves true love or they understand attraction as love and when that attraction ends, they feel that their heart is broken in love Has gone.

Heart often falls in love when his partner betrays him in love or breaks his trust. One reason for this is that when we have any hope or expectation from our lover or girlfriend, but when that expectation is not fulfilled, our heart is still broken.

But there is no scope of hope in true love because love is not done by keeping the conditions, it is not that if I love or love you genuinely, then I want the same kind of love in return for you. Then it will not be called love, it will become a deal but in love there is no deal.

Why does love hurt

There is a deep relationship between love and pain. In a heart that does not have pain, there is not even a feeling of love. The emptiness that feels when someone goes away is the pain of love.

Where people falling in love become selfish, that love also hurts. There should be selfishness in love, this ‘love’ is only mine. There should be such selfishness but this selfishness should be in the form of renunciation for someone who has love. It should be in the form of goodness.

For example, we can sacrifice anything for a lover or girlfriend and this feeling of sacrifice should remain intact throughout the life. Just like love for God, we do charity, virtue, fasting, physical suffering for his vision. There is selfishness here but there is sacrifice and this love is constant.

Love fills a person’s heart so much that there is not even a particle space for selfishness. Love is such a dedication that just about every time someone looks for some way to please his beloved.

Is love wrong or right?

It is not wrong to love at all. It is wrong to love those who misuse their partner in the name of love. They use love merely to fulfill their desires. If you love someone physically, that is, they love someone’s beauty, then it is wrong.

In true love, color, form, beauty, lust is nothing. In true love, both mind and heart join each other. It takes care of each other. In love one has to take care of each other, happiness in sorrow, support in smiling time.

Love is the emotion that is understood by humans and animals. Feel it and get lost in that golden unique world where only peace is there.

I hope you find this article what is love and why is love? Would like it If you like this, then share it as much as possible and if you want to give some comment on this topic, then feel free to comment below.


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