Irrigation programmer

Irrigation programmer . Electronic, analog or digital devices that automate the irrigation of gardens, pots and orchards. It is connected to the water tap or to the solenoid valves and allows to determine the days, hours and duration of irrigation.


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    • 1 Different programmer models among the existing variety:
  • 4 What pressure is needed to use the programmer
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They allow to program irrigation cycles with a schedule, duration and frequency of the water supply. Each type of plant requires a quantity of water and a number of irrigations per day.

The type of irrigation also influences: sprinkling, dripping, exudation, misting, the soil, the climate and the time of year. They usually have preset programs, which simplifies their management, or can be configured manually.


Water saving . The water supply with the use of the programmer is more efficient. The savings will be even greater if you program it for the garden to be watered at night or at dawn, when the pressure is maximum and there is no evaporation from the sun.

In addition, there are programmers that have a rain and dryness sensor accessory, to water only when necessary.

Save time and effort . With this option you will not have to dedicate time and dedication to manual irrigation.

Space saving . Automatic underground irrigation clears the spaces planted with hoses and other elements necessary for manual irrigation.

Plant safety . With a programmer the plants will always be watered since the device works autonomously.

Improving the quality of irrigation . In addition, it is also a beneficial system for plants because with these devices the water is distributed more evenly than if it is done manually with a hose.

Multifunctional . Some models allow metering the liquid fertilizer supply into the water flow and supplying it to the plants in a uniform way while watering the garden.

Types of programmers

Different models of programmer among the existing variety:

Garden irrigation programmer

  1. According to its technology:analog, digital or hybrid. The digital ones have a built-in screen that allows the display of the data and the remaining battery level.
  2. According to the garden areasthat need to be watered.

Not all plants need the same watering, neither in quantity nor in frequency, so the land must be zoned and, based on that data, choose multi-zone models that allow differentiated watering in different areas. They are ideal for large gardens and that require different forms of irrigation.

In this sense, the number of solenoid valves in the irrigation system must be taken into account. There will be one for each area to irrigate. It will connect to each other and also to the programmer.

On the contrary, if the garden only needs one or two watering ways, a faucet controller can be installed. They are the usual ones for small or medium gardens that do not need different waterings.

  1. According to the power of the programmer.
  • They can be electric, plugging it into the current. These models usually also have batteries because there is a problem with the electrical supply.
  • They can run on batteries or lithium battery.
  • They can run on solar energy. They are the most modern models.

What pressure is needed to use the programmer

The first thing to know is that the pressure of the water you have at home has to be higher than the pressure that the irrigation controller uses.

  • A programmer that works without pressure: it is intended for gardens that require drip irrigation or misting.
  • There are others with higher pressure: intended for larger irrigation circuits that work by sprinkling.

Tips for more efficient irrigation

The best times to water are the first hours of the day and the last hours of the afternoon. In summer, it is best to water at night. If you water at this time, you will prevent the water from evaporating before reaching the root and you will be saving water.

To extend the useful life of the irrigation system, it is important that the pipes that make up the irrigation system are checked every summer, in order to avoid or fix possible water leaks.

If you have an irrigation system with the sprinklers, adjust them from time to time to regulate the possible misalignments; without forgetting the rain and humidity sensors. These accessories guarantee optimal and efficient consumption of the irrigation system.

Having an irrigation controller is an economical option and, above all, easy to install.


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