Why invest in the stock market?

There is no doubt that investing in the stock market is a profitable business. There are various reasons to invest in the stock market. We have so many ways to invest in Bangladesh, why should you invest in the stock market? Through this article we will explore the reasons for investing in 5 stock markets.

Why invest in the stock market?

No money left

There are very few businesses where there is no money left. But if you invest in the stock market, you should never hear the rest of this money. Whatever the share-by-sale, it’s all cash.

No showroom or office space required

You will do business in the stock market where you have no office, shop, showroom. On the other hand you can not run without any business office or shop. So how much money do you think will be saved in your year? However, to keep your BO account active every year, you will need to pay a CDBL charge of Tk.

The stock business does not require any raw material

Many of the manufacturing businesses operating in our country require some raw materials. On the other hand, these are nothing to invest in the stock market.

There is no need for manpower to invest in the stock market. You will be able to handle your investment yourself, where other business cannot continue without the workforce.

Investment in the stock market as well as employment

According to Warren Buffett, single income should never be chosen. Anyone who wants to invest can find a way to earn a second income by investing in the stock market. But he must invest in the buzz knowing that field.

Do IPO as a part time business

IPO is fairly risk free in our country. You can apply for a job or share business as a secondary income path by applying for a job IPO. However, investing in the secondary market as part-time must be for the long term.

No shares you buy will be lost. If it is not sold like any other business it is not possible to lose the product. Then the amount of risk was reduced somewhat.

Gram Ganj can continue to trade shares while he is abroad.

Do not have accountability. If you are looking for a way to make an independent income, then investing in the stock market is the best.

The nawabi business

The market is open from 5.4 to 2.3 in the morning. I do not know that there is no other business or job in our country where there is so little time to pay. That is why many people call a business a nawabi business.

Profit and risk are higher

Investments in the stock market are both profitable and risky. However, buying the right company shares at the right time is not risk, only profit is possible.

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