How To Invest In Magnetis Infinity

How To Invest In Magnetis Infinity.As an investor, you are certainly looking for the best income opportunities.Thinking of those who have worked hard to build a consistent asset, we created Magnetis Infinity , an option that carries all the necessary expertise to promote the growth of your money, with safety and comfort.

How To Invest In Magnetis Infinity

Learn more about this new feature and find out how it can help you!

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  • 1Solidity and experience are our strengths
    • 1Technology
    • 2Profitability
    • 3Sophistication
    • 4Service
    • 5Zero conflict of interest
  • 2Special conditions for an exclusive audience
    • 1Personalized consulting
  • 3Sophisticated management with renowned products
    • 1Green Multimarket
    • 2Dynamo Cougar
    • 3Atmos Actions
  • 4Historical return of respect
  • 5Global portfolio analysis
  • 6Model 100% focused on you
    • 1We understand your profile and life moment
    • 2 Webuild your portfolio in a personalized way
    • 3You follow the results in real time
  • 7Welcome to the future!

Solidity and experience are our strengths

We work with in-depth knowledge of the financial market and are always looking for the most interesting alternatives for our clients, combining profitability, assets with a good reputation in the market and transparency.

Among our assets, we have some renowned ones, which have been closed to new shareholders for over 10 years. In other words, they are options with a profitability that is difficult to achieve.

As our focus is to make your money grow without you having to devote time to it, we thought of a category aimed at a special group of investors, who have at least R$1 million in initial investment.

We use technology to help our clients to have sophisticated and efficient investments through professional and qualified management, free from worry or wasted time.


With the presence of technology in various sectors of our personal and professional lives, there is no reason to stop using it in investments, right?

We bring an innovative proposal, with the use of technology in the allocation process and mainly, with a focus on the customer experience. Thus, he has a complete view of assets and income by smartphone, anytime.


We constantly monitor assets, seek portfolio rebalancing, and carry out tactical allocation, always focusing on your goals.

You don’t have to worry about selling and buying new assets. Just leave your resources under Magnetis’ management and we’ll do the job for you.


With Magnetis Infinity, you have access to opportunities that are not open to individuals, with a list of investments that are unique and differentiated from the rest of the market.

You can also count on the best managers, who will build a solid portfolio, paying attention to everything that happens in the sector. The results of this are excellent profitability and exposure to different economic scenarios, without taking unnecessary risks.


With a team of specialized and recognized professionals with one of the most desired certifications in the market, the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), we are ready to think about a portfolio structure totally oriented to your interests.

And our service is not restricted to that. You may have access to succession and financial planning, plus the best strategy for passive income, retirement or financial freedom. It is a complete service at no additional cost.

Zero conflict of interest

A common practice, even in the private accounts of large banks and brokerages, is the payment of commission for the indication of investments.

This brings a conflict of interest, as consultants, advisors and managers often do not prioritize assets that bring greater profitability to the client, but rather those that pay them the most in terms of commission.

Magnetis works with the fee based model , that is, there is a charge of a single fee on the total invested. Thus, the priority is always to build the best possible portfolio for the investor, thus eliminating conflicts of interest , common in brokers and banks.

Special conditions for an exclusive audience

As Magnetis idealized the Infinity segment for a truly differentiated audience, it is necessary to invest at least R$1 million to take advantage of asset opportunities and other benefits.

Personalized consultancy

Our consultancy considers your moment of life and the risks you are willing to face as an investor, in addition to carrying out a totally impartial valuation of the assets available in the market.

With this combination, we are able to offer a totally personalized consultancy, in which your investments are designed according to your needs and objectives.

Sophisticated management with renowned products

We always try to offer the best alternatives for our customers. Therefore, at Magnetis Infinity, we have fixed income and variable income options.

So that you can get to know some of the assets we work with, we’ve separated three names that are sure to catch your attention.

Multimarket Green

The CSHG Verde multimarket fund, managed by Verde Asset, has an enviable record of earnings. Created in 1997.

By the end of 2020, the asset had accumulated a return of 18,591.3%, against a CDI of 2,222.1%.

Dynamo Cougar

Dynamo Cougar was created in 1993 and has qualified investors as its main target audience.

The purpose of this fund is to provide real valuation in the medium and long term, and showed a positive performance when compared to the Ibovespa, according to a chart released by InfoMoney .

Atmos Actions

Created in 2009, this equity fund is primarily aimed at long-term earnings.

Outperforming the Ibovespa in the last 3 years, as can be seen in the chart published by InfoMoney , Atmos Ações has shown a combined return of 1,003.09% since its creation.

Historical return of respect

An asset must be analyzed for a long time before it is considered stable and reliable.

In other words, it is necessary to follow the entire history of investment over the years, realizing how it behaves in times of economic prosperity and crisis.

Here at Magnetis, we always prioritize options that have a good track record. Some of our assets have at least 20 years of follow-up.

This brings greater security for long-term returns, ensuring profitability regardless of inevitable market fluctuations.

Global portfolio analysis

A good portfolio needs to have assets that can independently perform well, so that a crisis does not affect the investor’s portfolio as a whole.

Therefore, we consider all of your financial situation and think their investments as part of an overall plan that includes your goals in the medium and long term.

We think of you not as a number, but as a person who has goals to reach. In this sense, Magnetis Infinity behaves as a tool to help you achieve your life goals.

Model 100% focused on you

At Magnetis, we believe that the focus should always be on our customer. This can be proven by the business maintenance model: fee based, and not based on commissions, as happens in brokers and banks.

That is, as the customer wins, so do we. But having only an accumulated profit is not what brings satisfaction to those who entrust their assets to Magnetis. We know that everyone invests with a focus, and it is with this in mind that we plan the best capital allocations, with a totally rational strategy that promotes emotional security.

We understand your profile and life moment

A good investment is one that provides the highest returns according to your investor profile and time of life. There is no single “best investment”.

With Magnetis Infinity, you get an analysis according to what you want to achieve and in how long. Based on this information, it is possible to think of the distribution capable of meeting your needs.

We build your portfolio in a personalized way

Identifying what you want and in what timeframe, we think about the best diversification for your portfolio, totally oriented to your interests.

Our partnership with the Julius Baer Family Office (JBFO) gives us access to investments that you would not be able to invest outside Magnetis, including some fixed income assets and foreign equities.

You follow the results in real time

With the arrival of open banking, transparency has become one of the main pillars for the future. But this is a feature that Magnetis has been bringing to their portfolios for a long time.

By opening an account with us, you can follow all the movements by cell phone, in our app , having a clear view of what is happening with your money.

In addition, our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our intention is to make you aware and secure of your applications, knowing that your money is being taken care of.

Welcome to the future!

How about having an irreplicable strategy , free of conflicts of interest, that considers your priorities and that seeks total transparency and ease so that you can follow the growth of your assets?

Count on Magnetis Infinity’s expertise to do this and understand why we are walking hand in hand with the current revolution in banking and finance.

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