International cuisine

International cuisine Different types of food, Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese cuisine, American cuisine, Swiss cuisine and Spanish cuisine.


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  • 1 International Gastronomic Heritage
  • 2 Ancient Age
  • 3 Characteristics of the Dishes
  • 4 Sources

International Gastronomic Heritage

The study of gastronomy has been approached from very different angles, however this study will be carried out in four stages within History: Ancient Age , Middle Ages , Modern Age and Contemporary Age. During the course of history, man has manifested the characteristics of his nature. Man has evolved and with it his diet. For example, at first she lived in the treetops, later she looked for a place to stay, a way to dress and eat. The ways of eating were changing since as it evolved they ate in a better way: they had times to eat, utensils, tablecloths, dishes, etc. The refinement came gradually.

Old age

Stone age or prehistory has been called the time of humanity for which there is no written document, however we can know about these times thanks to archaeological discoveries. The men who lived in the paleolithic inferios lived in caves or terraces. They made few rustic stone or bone instruments. Their diet was based on the collection of fruits and roots, mollusks, small animal birds and some game; although it is thought that they were more herbivores than carnivores. It is probable that at this time they already knew how to produce fire. From the gastronomic point of view, the appearance of fire was a significant event; since by means of the heat, the meats and other foods were softened and changed in flavor. It can be said that the first culinary technique appeared when submerging food in hot water resulted in a liquid that acquired the flavor of food. In this way, what we know today as broth orsoup . Man’s instruments were also changing so they began to have a better diet, since in addition to gathering the natives dedicated themselves to their Gods.

Dishes Characteristics

Mexico Tacos_tortillas_de_maíz_y_carne

  • Mexican food
    • Tacos: Eminently the appetizer of any Mexican big meal. Corn tortillas that wrap a preparation of meat or chicken. The tamales their origin comes from the Nahuatl word tamalli which means wrapped, the tamales are made with a dough of corn, stuffed with chicken, pieces of chicken, pork mixed with mole, pipián and green or red sauce, and wrapped in ears of corn , banana , maguey or even aluminum foil or plastic. Pozole is a soup made of cacahuazintle corn grains , pork or beef, onion, chili, lettuce, salt, and other ingredients that can be added when serving.

China Noodles_with_langostinos.jpg

  • Chinese Food
    • Prawn Noodles: It is recommended for Valentine’s Day dinner, some Prawn Noodles with rice three delicacies, there are always those who discuss whether each of the ingredients added to the rice constitute a “delight”, if this is the case It would be a Chinese rice five delicacies (ham, omelette, shrimp, carrot and peas fried Chinese noodles really rich and very easy to prepare. In addition I also have another Chinese food recipe pending in a few days, it will be a lemon chicken recipe, that I am sure will not disappoint you.

Italy Pizza_italiana

  • Italian food

On the other hand, Italian cuisine also includes a wide variety of meats, some of them prepared. There are many meat recipes, some of them abundant in their conception, some of the most famous being ossobuco. Dishes made with rice (which are called risottos) are one of the characteristic elements of the cuisine of the north of the country (like from others, such as Valencian.In addition to pizza and focaccia, similar recipes can be found in this category, such as calzones (a kind of pizza closed in on itself) and other dishes such as piadina , crescentina or borlengo.

  • Swiss food

As you can see, the Rosti has a circular shape, similar to the Spanish omelette. In Switzerland it is a food that is very popular and tourists who try it end up being delighted with its flavor, its texture, among other things. A good restaurant where you can eat in Switzerland is Stucki, where tourists can find a cozy atmosphere. It is a restaurant whose architecture is really novel and classic at the same time.

  • American food:
    • The popular hamburger is a clear example of a dish identified with the United States and that has an origin in European cuisine. Prepared well boiled, or fried, served on an elongated bread that is usually accompanied by some dressing such as ketchup and mustard. The type of sausage used in making the puppy can differ according to taste. It is a seasoned dish that is spicy, and can be prepared with enough chili . Jambalaya is a very typical Cajun dish. With a typically strong flavor using any combination of beef, pork, chicken, ham, smoked chorizo ​​or fish, usually with tomato.
  • Spanish food
    • Galician empanada is a variety of empanada that is well known in Galician cuisine and is part of one of its identities. 1 2 It is a culinary preparation that is offered in the municipalities of Galicia on festive occasions. Place the hake in a clay pot, garnish with the clams, pour the sauce over it and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. It is served in the same casserole garnished with some other possibility, we recommend that the peas are very tender and added towards the end.


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