InterBase XE

InterBase XE. Designed to meet the needs of developers, this is why it offers you a new version that allows you to create and manage DB systems surprisingly fast, create business-critical applications with recoverability, to embed them in solutions for devices, desktops and workgroups, with the possibility of being multiplatform, and having very low costs.


InterBase XE offers the performance and reliability of a multi-generation architecture with advanced journaling techniques that protect your information against any inconvenience. Combine the robustness of an Enterprise Database with the ease of use and low maintenance costs for your projects. Includes Unicode support, SMP processing , SQL 92 support, Self-Tuning and others. Interbase XE is the ideal multi-platform solution ( Windows , Linux , Solaris ) to embed and distribute with your software. Interbase is a complete SQL DBMS.

  • Security Enhancement:Strong password protection with the use of SHA-1 cryptographic hash function. Interbase XE supports passwords up to 32 characters in length to meet the most stringent security requirements.
  • Adaptability improvement:Interbase now has the capacity of 8 times more data.
  • Features for easier development:Support for dynamic SQL in stored procedures.
  • Improved handling of large objects:Optimized operation of large objects with X methods .

News from InterBase XE

  • It allows real-time queries against transactional data.
  • Allows for rapid application development.
  • Provides extraordinary speed in transaction processing.
  • Requires minimal hardware and zero administrations.
  • Interbase XE is the perfect foundation for integrated solutions.
  • Interbase supports various operating systems and connectivity with Windows, Linux , Solaris and MAC .


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