Have you ever worked with someone who likes to take advantage of everything? It can be the one who encourages gossip by speaking ill of others behind his back, who pushes work to each other or under the rug, or who copies and pastes tasks. If you know someone who has already done this, know that it is lack of integrity.

Integrity is one of those characteristics that the person has or does not have. It is not possible to be “half-hearted”. This attribute is directly related to ethical conduct, honor and education. It is the completeness of what we think, say and do. It is the congruence of our words and actions in relation to the internal and external world. The upright individual maintains his straight conduct even in the face of situations in which he could take advantage of himself. His speech, commitment and decision making are guided 100% of the time by ethics, transparency and honesty. In addition, he is aligned with his beliefs, convictions and stands out for the high degree of responsibility and dedication in any and all activities he proposes to do.

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It seems that integrity is the basic foundation for working in a company, right? However, there are employees who do not understand this concept well or who simply do not have this attribute.

I will bring a hypothetical situation for you. Imagine the area leader calls the team to present a problematic situation that the company is going through. At the end of the explanation, he asks each one to evaluate the scenario and think of a solution to show at a meeting the next day. Following the guidance, the employee studies what is happening, reflects on what could be changed, writes his idea in a notebook and leaves it on the table. At the meeting, the leader asks each one to present their idea. Before he shows his reflection, the colleague who sits next to him every day, has the exact same idea. At the end of the day, he talks to this colleague and finds out that he deliberately went through the notes and got the idea.

Does the above situation seem complete to you? Not even a little! An ethical person would think of something alone or ask for help from colleagues, but never steal an idea from another person. A person with attitudes like that of a colleague tends to be more competitive and use the philosophy that “the ends justify the means”.

You don’t have to be a constant vigilant in your work environment. Especially because it is necessary to focus on chores. But it is interesting to be aware of those people in whom you have not yet established a relationship of trust. I will write more about that below.

Recognizing someone upright

Understanding someone’s integrity and establishing a relationship of trust is not a simple and quick process. This person needs to win you over with ethical and sincere actions every day. Only coexistence can create and strengthen this bond. I will indicate here some points that help to identify the signs of a healthy person. Check out:

  • There is consistency in speech and behavior ;
  • Have the skills and technical limitations presented in the curriculum and in the interview;
  • Treat everyone with respect and education, regardless of hierarchical level;
  • Be committed to the team and company results;
  • Honor commitments to internal or external customers;
  • Be attentive and committed to deadlines and delivery quality;
  • Being empathetic, that is, caring about the other;
  • Be flexible to understand possible changes;
  • It is transparent when you cannot attend or help with something;
  • Recognize mistakes and have the humility to apologize;
  • Identify when the actions of colleagues helped you to improve your work;
  • Helping colleagues when they need it;
  • Share good ideas that will collaborate with the group;
  • Maintain the same conduct alone or in public;
  • Be clear when communicating;
  • Achieve professional and personal goals based on your own effort and merit.

Healthy living space

Encouraging and creating trusting relationships in the work environment can open the door to the arrival of commitment, the entry of new ideas, different solutions to problems, cooperation between employees, integration between staff, organic group work, everyone’s satisfaction and the best indicators of area and company.

Evaluation at the time of hiring

It is important to consider integrity as an essential feature when hiring an employee. In addition to the technical qualities, the interviewer must assess whether the candidate has ethical conduct. It is possible to make this analysis by asking about the interviewee’s way of acting in other jobs.

It does not help to have an employee with excellent skills, but who does not treat colleagues well or who is rude to cleaning employees, for example. Remember that the candidate must be honest about the technical skills and limitations he may have. And don’t forget that it is not possible to create integrity in anyone’s personality. Therefore, it is necessary to consider both sides of the scale.

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The relationship of integrity and leadership

leader is an employee who must have diverse professional skills and personal values ​​in line with the objectives of the sector and the company. And there is no doubt that integrity is one of the essential characteristics for this professional.

The delivery of results and above-average performance are common factors attributed to healthy leaders. This scenario is only possible, as they were able to create a relationship of respect and trust with their subordinates, peers, superiors and direct and indirect stakeholders. This ethical conduct acts directly on the power of influence, persuasion, active voice and greater space to propose projects and solutions.

In addition, the leader has an easier time gaining autonomy and being able to exercise it in a way that benefits everyone in the company. He also works more effectively, as he can trace the organizational trajectory in the way he believes to be relevant to his desired state, goals and objectives. The alignment between management and integrity is synonymous with accelerated growth and maximized results!

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