How to install Whatsapp on mobile?

Find out how to install Whatsapp on your phone and enjoy everything that this social network offers. WhatsApp is used by more than 1 billion people in 180 countries. It is an application to be used on the cell phone, with an extension for the computer. Your download is free and the phone must be a smartphone model.

It was born out of a partnership between Jan Koum and Brian Acton who used all the expertise accumulated in Yahoo’s 20 years to create a quick and direct messaging tool. Thus was born WhatsApp in 2014.

According to the official website, “WhatsApp started as an alternative to the SMS system, and now supports sending and receiving a variety of media files : photos, videos, documents, location sharing and also texts and calls from voice”.

Is installing WhatsApp free?

Yes. You only need to have an Android, iOS or Windows Phone phone. The installation of WhatsApp is completely free, you do not pay anything to the developer. What you need is a cell phone connected to the internet.

If you are using your data package, downloading will generate some costs, but not for the application, but for the use of the internet.

The application is free in all its versions (Photo: depositphotos)

How to download WhatsApp?

Installing WhatsApp on your phone is very simple. The first step is to have a stable and secure internet connection . Then, just go to your phone’s app store and access the App. For Android, search for WhatsApp on the Play Store app and tap install. For iPhone, search for WhatsApp in the App Store application. For Windows Phone, search for WhatsApp on the Microsoft Store app.

Then just accept the terms and conditions and wait for the installation to complete. Then, it’s time to click “open” and accept other terms in the app.

At this point, you have to enter your phone number, as WhatsApp works according to your line number and not on the device. This way it is possible for you to migrate from a device or even a telephone line, but your WhatsApp will remain the same.

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That done, your phone line will receive an SMS with a code to be placed on WhatsApp. From there, your instant messaging application will be active.

I can’t install WhatsApp: what to do?

If you are unable to install WhatsApp it may be that some problem is making the action incompatible. Most of the time, the problem is simply a bad connection that fails to complete the download. In others, it is insufficient memory , which also prevents the installation of the App.

The main ones are operating systems that no longer support the App, such as: Android versions prior to 2.3.3, Windows Phone 8.0 and earlier, iPhone 3GS / iOS 6, Nokia Symbian S60 and BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10. In these cases, the solution is to buy other devices with more modern systems.

Other versions are also numbered. You can no longer create new accounts, but you can use the application with a determined term of use. These are: Nokia S40 after December 31, 2018, Android versions 2.3.7 and earlier until February 1, 2020 and iOS 7 and earlier until February 1, 2020.

Is WhatsApp safe?

According to the official page of the App, “messages and calls are protected with end-to-end encryption , which means that third parties, including WhatsApp, cannot read or hear them.”

In cases of loss or theft of your cell phone whose application is installed, the first recommendation is that you lock your SIM card. Then, you can continue with the same phone number to activate WhatsApp, as the other account will automatically be disabled.

How to use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an amazing tool for maintaining communication between people. You can exchange messages with people who also have the app installed on their phone. Quickly and securely, as long as you have a secure internet connection.

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The messages are encrypted, which increases the security and privacy of the user (Photo: depositphotos)

You can also create different groups to exchange the same message with everyone. Generally, after installing Whatsapp on their cell phone, people start to participate in groups with friends and family.

The limit for the size of each group is 256 people each. These groups offer unique settings such as name, photo and notification style.

If you want, you can extend the use of WhatsApp to your desktop . In this way, you will synchronize the conversations that you had on the mobile device, also on the computer. This feature only works if your mobile device is connected, charged and reads the QR Code that appears on the PC via WhatsAppWeb.

It is also possible to download the application itself on the computer and also make use of it.

One way to use WhatsApp, in addition to messaging, is to make voice and video calls using only your internet connection, without charging your phone line, except for data consumption.

Photos, voicemail and documents can also be easily shared via the WhatsApp app.

How to install WhatsApp Business on mobile?

Installing WhatsApp Business is practically the same step by step as the common app for individuals. The download is free and the idea is to facilitate interaction with customers by automating, classifying and responding quickly to messages.

Some tools make this work lighter, such as the use of labels to classify customers, the scheduling of automatic messages and standardized responses, which greatly facilitates service when the flow of messages is large.

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Another advantage of installing WhatsApp Business is that it collects and provides up-to-date data on the impact your messages have on customers. For example, you can find out the percentage of messages that were sent and read by the respective recipients. An amazing way to know if your approach is reaching your audience.

Download WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

To download WhatsApp you need an internet connection and a number that has not yet registered in the application. After that, just click on the following download links:



Windows Phone

Mac / PC



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