What are the best technical courses

Finding out which are the best technical courses is important to decide your professional future. This is because this type of training, generally, already places the trainee directly in the job market.

Technical courses employ a large number of people who earn a diploma, as their syllabus is geared to the practice of professions, leaving aside much of the theory contained in other types of courses, such as university courses.

Therefore, you will now know which are the best technical courses on the market, those that are on the rise, the most sought after, their duties and average wages. Take the opportunity to choose your professional future.

The 9 best technical courses

How to know which are the best technical courses? It’s easy: a short field survey will help you find out which vacancies are never filled by companies.

The technical courses focus on the practical part of each function (Photo: depositphotos)

And it happens a lot! To give you an idea, Brazil suffers from a lack of specialized labor and many industries lose productivity because of this. Therefore, there is a great demand to fill posts with technical professionals.

A good search on the internet will also help you to identify the biggest bottlenecks in the market. For now, this article features 10 technical courses that are currently on the rise.

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Technical courses that most employ

  • Mobile Developer
  • Logistics Technician
  • Mechanical technician
  • Nursing Technician
  • Occupational Safety Technician
  • Aesthetic Technician
  • Computer Network Technician
  • Human Resources Technician
  • Automation technician

Most popular technical courses in the job market

Now that you have seen the list of the best technical courses above, now learn more details of each training to choose the one that best fits your profile.

1- Mobile Developer

Who doesn’t have a cell phone nowadays? According to Anatel, until 2013 Brazil had almost 300 million enabled cell phones. That was 1.36 cell phones per inhabitant. What’s more, Brazilian users spend about 2 and a half hours on their smartphones. Being a good part in the applications.

In companies, the reality is also not very different. The field of corporate communications is developing at a fast pace and, on a daily basis, the demand for resources to be invested in mobiles only grows.

The technical course of Mobile Developer or Application Development, as it is also called, works directly in the areas of IT and telecommunications. In it, you will learn about programming and how to develop applications for Android and IOS, the most common systems of smart phones. The salary can reach R $ 5,000.

2- Logistics Technician

Logistics is one of the most important arms of companies. It is this area that will take care of all the transport and distribution of products or raw materials of an industry or service company.

Therefore, logistics must work well to transport goods or bring everything a company needs to function. And a qualified professional will make all the difference when planning, programming and coordinating operations.

The logistics technician course enables the student to: execute and schedule maintenance programs for machines and equipment, buy, receive, store, move and distribute the materials and products of a certain company. The average starting salary is R $ 3,000.

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3- Mechanical Technician

This profession is not even new. But the mechanic never leaves the ranking of the most disputed professions. That’s because we live in a totally mechanized world and, for that reason, there are numerous job openings for those who understand the sector.

For this, the student will learn how to manufacture, assemble and install machines . The field of work is wide, as any industry deals with equipment and they need to work well.

The interested person must dedicate himself a lot to training, since the job of keeping machines running is a big responsibility. The average salary is R $ 3,500.

4- Nursing Technician

The nursing technician bandages, gives medicine and bathes the patient (Photo: depositphotos)

This is also not a new profession. Quite the opposite. However, it is a vast field of work. Being a nursing technician means working side by side with nurses and doctors in hospitals, clinics and other health rehabilitation spaces, as well as in the medical departments of companies.

It is possible for this professional to dress, administer medications, bathe, assist in hospitalization, etc. The salary can reach R $ 4,500.

5- Work Safety Technician

This is a classic profession. The Occupational Safety technician works with engineers to develop safer environments for workers in industries and other companies.

His professional routine includes the identification of risk factors, the application of harm reduction measures, participating in the development of a safety policy and checking whether the rules are being followed by other employees.

A Occupational Safety technician can have a monthly income of up to R $ 5,000.

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6- Aesthetic Technician

This is the technical course for people who like to undertake. If you are looking not only at the courses that employ the most, but also foresee the possibility of opening your own business, it is a good idea to graduate in aesthetics.

The market has been growing a lot and the success of beauty salons or clinics around the country is notorious .

For those who have studied and want to enter the job market. There are initial vacancies with salaries of up to R $ 3,800 . But if you decide to start your own business, your earnings can easily exceed that initial amount.

7- Computer Network Technician

This list of the best technical courses could not be missing from the training in Computer Networks. Information Technology (IT) is the ball of the day and companies need highly trained people to run this area.

In fact, the heart of many companies today is this department, as it is responsible for the circulation of data, storage and execution of various tasks directly linked to the business. An error in this sector can be fatal for billing.

The starting salary of a computer network technician is around R $ 3,000.

8- Human Resources Technician

This professional hires and prepares the dismissal of employees (Photo: depositphotos)

However computerized and automated a company or industry may be, it will always deal with people. And it is essential that they are coordinated by the Human Resources area.

The Human Resources technician works in people management , hires and prepares the dismissal of employees. The salary can reach R $ 8,700 .

9- Automation technician

I couldn’t finish this list of the best technical courses without mentioning the automation technician. The professional trained in this area will perform maintenance, measurement, tests, coordinate installation teams in assembly and the main one: control the systems that take care of automation.

With the modernization and automation of entire industrial plants, the job market for the automation technician is vast. The average starting salary is 4,200 reais.

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Is it worth taking a technical course?

Yes. A technical course prepares you for the job market in less time than a college degree and many job openings are available for recent graduates. Therefore, it is worth investing in training this model in your curriculum. Choose the one that fits your vocation and don’t waste time.


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