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It’s ignorant to think that any product is flawless. Granted, a water cooler is a product which requires little to no maintenance, and the chances of it “acting up” are minimal. That being said – there are some common problems that users of water coolers may experience. We’re here to bring these to your attention – and offer you a quick solution to help you back to having your ultimate luxury and convenience back in working order.

Leaking Water Cooler

If you are a first-time water cooler user, you may have become confused between a leaking water cooler and an overflowing drip tray. This is a highly forgiveable mistake – and sometimes even a trained eye may momentarily confuse the two. Moreover, in an office environment with many new users, people may think that the drip tray, located directly underneath your water coolers’ taps, is an easy way to dispose of the last few sips of the cup they’ve just poured for themselves. Be sure to check your drip tray and empty it out often to avoid it spilling over. Another (misconceived) reason for a leaking water cooler could be the back valve on your water cooler not having been closed fully. You’ll see a tiny little silver screw-type feature, which is used to drain the water cooler of all water before it is transported; this needs to be exceptionally well-sealed to ensure no water escapees.

Water Cooler Is Not Chilling My Water

What’s worse than having a water cooler at the ready, especially in scorching summer months, only to have room temperature water dispensed from your “cold” tap? Well, not much. It really does suck. Remember though, there is a “chilling capacity” on a water cooler. Inside your water cooler, there are two storage tanks; one for chilled water, and the other for hot water. The way your water is chilled relies on a simple mechanism inside the storage tank – entailing an ice-bank. Remember that when you, and the other 50 people in your office, are queuing up to dispense 500ml glasses of chilled water, your machine will need a little while to recuperate. Generally speaking, water coolers can chill about 4.5l of water per hour.


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