Indian culture

Indian Culture is rich in many aspects and strongly established in striking characteristics stemming from the way Indians live.One of its particularities is the stratified society. In caste social organization, staying in the same social group throughout the individual’s life is mandatory.Music is strongly related to the religion of this people, for which this art brings balance. Here you will find religiosity and customs of the rich Indian people!


The Indian religions are: Hinduism , Buddhism , Jainism and Sikhism . Hinduism is one of the religions that comprises the largest number of adherents in the world.Indian houses usually have a sanctuary where acts of worship involve offering incense, flowers and fruit to the gods.In addition to prayers, mantras (considered powerful and divine sounds) are practiced by Indian people who have the custom of making pilgrimages.One of them consists of going to the Ganges river to throw the ashes of the dead there, which, according to India’s belief, ensures the eternal rest of their souls.

Gods of Hinduism

The deity in India is made up of a series of gods; Hinduism – the main religion in that country – is polytheistic. Shiva is the main god of Hinduism and is known as the destroyer. Together with Brahma (the creator) and Vishnu (the conservative) they symbolize the Hindu trinity, which represents the cyclical relationship of destruction, creation and conservation.

Indian culture

Statue of god Shiva at the temple in Karnataka, India

Indian culture


Indian culture


Among the gods venerated by the Indians, we can mention:

Ganesha – god of wisdom.

Indra – god of war and climate.

Kali or triple goddess – goddess of creation, destruction and transformation.

Lakshmi – goddess of generosity, prosperity and purity.

Varuna – goddess of the sky, rain and the ocean.

Yama – god of death.

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Customs in India

Indian wedding

The Indian wedding is a party that lasts at least a whole day, in which there is a lot of color in the decoration and, especially, an abundant table.

For the wedding, the bride prepares for a week. Her hands, feet and arms are tattooed with the henna technique, the ink of which remains on the skin for only a few days. The tattoo consists of the letters of your fiance’s name.

The Indian bride does not wear white, but rather colorful clothes, especially in reddish tones.

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