Classical Culture

Classical culture brings together the set of cultural practices and products that are the result of academic studies and applications.Classical culture is at the disposal of the social elite. It is observed in the visual arts, music and literature

Access to erudite culture is facilitated for the aristocracy on the grounds of being the product of intense research. Academic application is also used as an element of defense of restricted access..Given these factors, monetary value is added to cultural goods and those with less purchasing power are excluded from their contemplation.

Examples of Classical Culture

Musical concerts produced by large orchestras, plays that are difficult to access popularly, works of art by renowned artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso , are among the examples.

Classical music

Classical music, due to its complexity of elaboration, is among the main examples of classical culture.

Notable names in classical music include Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart. In Brazil, the most prominent name is conductor Heitor Villa Lobos, author of the play ” O Guarani “.

What is culture?

Cultural Identity

Cultural diversity

Popular culture

Popular culture is accessible by the mass. It results from the transfer of tradition, collective construction and plurality.

Examples of popular culture include religious and pagan festivals. The Carnival is one of them. In these events music, dance, typical foods and collective behavior are added, which are passed on from generation to generation.

With the evolution of history, popular culture started to add several elements that before were also restricted to the minority. Among them is literature, with books of a popular character and journalism itself, and music.

In short, popular culture is a set of ideas, images, phenomena, attitudes and perspectives.


In today’s society it is directly influenced by the mass media, which dictates collective behavior in everyday life.

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