In which countries are there Walmart stores or supermarkets?

Walmart is one of the largest companies focused on the sale of products in the world, it has a large number of stores in different parts of the planet and offers a wide range and variety of services in each of these locations. This over time has been considered as ” the largest public corporation on the planet ” due to the benefits it brings to society.

The large number of Walmart branches in different areas has brought employment to a large number of citizens, thus generating jobs in different cities and towns in which we can find these “supermarkets” of American origin. Currently it is estimated that the Walmart company has around 2 million employees around the world.

Before continuing, let’s consider the basic concept of Walmart. It is a multinational company which is generally focused on the sale of products through stores in different parts of the world. This was born as such in 1962 in Arkansas, United States and until today its success during this long time in the market is clearly reflected .

It is quite clear that Walmart is a leader in the sale of products of any kind, focusing in a general way on the needs that citizens require, therefore this multinational has the goal of studying the tastes and preferences of users in different parts of the world to achieve this way to provide a service of complete and excellent quality.

On the other hand, it is also extremely important to highlight that Walmart is part of the select list of the most valuable companies on the planet, managing to sneak into the top 10 of it. This has managed to capitalize on the market in the best possible way, demonstrating the power that this company still possesses and all that it represents for the public.

In which countries are there Walmart stores or supermarkets?

As we discussed previously, Walmart is a purely multinational company which has a large number of stores or branches in various parts of the world. This company has reached a point where it is located in the best developed countries in the world; providing all its products and services giving the best possible care.

But, exactly how many countries is Walmart located in ? Keep reading and we will give you the answer. Walmart is a company present in a large number of nations, currently we can find it in 28 countries and approximately 11 of them have a service for the sale and purchase of products online in the style of Mercado Libre or Amazon .

In general, it is estimated that in these 28 countries there are around 11 thousand stores and supermarkets; which are registered under trademarks registered by Walmart. There is no doubt that the territory that these branches occupy is immensely extensive; compared to other slightly smaller chain stores and supermarkets.

Some of the countries where we can find this chain of stores and supermarkets are China, Nicaragua, Honduras, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, Canada, South Africa, among others. In some of these different brands are featured such as Seiyu, Asda or Leader.

On the other hand, the countries and regions (except the United States) with the most Walmart stores and supermarkets are Mexico, Central America, the United Kingdom and China. In first place is Mexico, which has around 2,442 branches; On the other hand, there is Central America with 811 branches divided into several countries and finally there is a single Kingdom with 633 and China with 443.

On the other hand, in the United States, each of the 50 states has Walmart stores and supermarkets available to citizens. This is one of the most globalized chains in the country.

How do I know if there is a Walmart in my country?

In order to resolve this question, you will have to enter one of the Walmart web portals. It does not matter the page of the country to which you are entering, generally most of the web portals of this company have a map; which indicates in a general way the places and countries where there are Walmart stores and supermarkets, look and check if your country is there.


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