Improve Word security from the Trust Center

The office programs over the years have gained much importance, taking as a benchmark to Microsoft Word. This is a text editor that is sure to be very familiar to most of you, so let’s see what your Trust Center is.

The truth is that a large part of its success is due to the enormous number of functions that it makes available to us. Hence, the application adapts to all kinds of uses and modes of operation. Keep in mind that when we talk about the programs that act as text editors, they are solutions that offer us enormous utility. They no longer only focus on allowing us to write or edit a text, but they go much further. In addition, despite the enormous availability that we can draw on, the software par excellence in the sector is Microsoft Word .

This is the solution for these needs that is integrated into the Office suite of the Redmond-based firm. As we told you before, over the years this is a tool that has been gaining a greater number of users. To a large extent thanks to the possibilities it offers us at all levels, both domestically and business. We could say that it is an office automation solution that adapts to all types of users. And it is that the program is able to offer service for those who do not need more than to write texts, as for those who seek the maximum in an editor.

Lesser known Word functions

How could it be otherwise, the program offers us everything we need to carry out a word processing. For all this, it puts at our disposal a huge amount of functionalities, some more popular than others. In fact, you could say that many of them that we don’t even know exist. However, they are there among their menus. What’s more, Word presents us with a good number of customizable parameters, many of them in its File / Options section.

Here we find a good number of functions and parameters of the program that allow us to adjust its operation. That is something that, for example, happens with the case that we are going to talk about in these same lines. With this, what we want to tell you is that among the endless menus of the program, we can find a multitude of functionalities that refer to all kinds of sections. There are those directly related to office automation , while others try to improve our user experience.

What is the Word Trust Center

We tell you all this because next we will talk about the Trust Center that Microsoft Word implements from the outset among its options. It is more than likely that many of you have never heard of this that we are talking about. Well, to begin with, we will tell you that it is actually a section of the program that helps us guarantee the security of the content we create here. Thus, it could be said that it is a security system for those who seek the maximum in Word.

When it comes to ensuring the security of this content, the Word Trust Center works both individually and when we work as a group. Well, once we know this, first of all we will tell you that to access this section we will have to click on the File menu in Word. Next, in the drop-down list that appears here, we opted for the Options entry that we talked about before.

Thus, in the new window that appears, specifically in the lower part of the left panel, we already find the option called Trust Center. This is the one that interests us in this case, so we click on it. It is possible that at this time a message appears on the screen warning us not to modify the customizable functions offered here. Therefore, this could translate into that to make changes in this section, we must be sure of what we do.

How to open and customize the Word Trust Center

Well, once we know this, when clicking on the Configuration button of the Trust Center , the customizable sections will appear on the screen. It is worth mentioning that these refer to several somewhat delicate aspects of the program itself. As we mentioned before, a good part of them refer to security when working with Microsoft Word documents.

Thus, from the Word Trust Center, we have the possibility of adapting aspects related to disk locations, macros , or ActiveX elements , among others, to our needs . At the same time we can limit the use of plugins in the text editor, or activate the blocking of certain files.

And we must bear in mind that there are many types of documents that we deal with in this program. At the same time, the sources from which they can reach us can be very varied. That is why the Word Trust Center actually allows us to establish a series of restrictions. For example, from the file blocking section, we have the possibility to establish the possibility of opening or saving documents from old versions of the program.

Similarly, from the Privacy Options section , we indicate to the application the data to use in telemetry. With this, what we really want to say is that we are going to customize the usage data that we want to send to Microsoft.

This is something similar to what we can do in Windows 10 , since by default, the operating system itself collects usage data and sends it to the firm. Well, this is what Word does while we work with the text editor, something that we can eliminate at the same time if we wish, all from the Word Trust Center.


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