Handle Kodi like a pro with these keyboard tricks

The multimedia sector does not stop growing and evolving in terms of software, and it is largely thanks to the large number of devices that we can use at the moment. Both elements interpenetrate, as happens for example when managing one of the most valued multimedia centers in the world such as Kodi .

Of course, it is possible that when talking about Kodi, some of you do not know exactly what we mean exactly. Well, to say that this is a powerful software that serves as a multimedia center and that has been with us for many years. One of the many advantages that this specific software offers us is that in a simple way it allows us to watch movies and series , listen to music, watch online television channels , etc.

Therefore, it could be said that in addition to being one of the most powerful solutions in the multimedia sector, it is also one of the most popular. And it is that over time it has earned the respect of millions of users, so Kodi does not stop growing and improving. The program as such, without add-ons, by itself is prepared to reproduce all kinds of content of this type. At the same time, it has functions to manage our video, music, and photo libraries.

But in most cases we will want to handle a good part of these integrated functions , in a fluid and fast way. For this, for example, we can use some keyboard shortcuts that will allow us to control the program much better.

The importance of the ESC key when navigating the Kodi interface

At first this is a key that is not usually very important in most Windows programs that we handle on a day-to-day basis. However, Kodi presents us with a somewhat peculiar user interface and handling mode. We are going to run into endless menus and submenus full of additional options. And that’s where the key we are referring to here, ESC , comes into play .

Just by pressing it, we immediately go to the previous screen, and although it may not seem important, when we move through this interface a bit , we will assess its existence.

Change display mode quickly

At the same time, we must bear in mind that Kodi offers us an interface that, in addition to being peculiar, tries to be independent from the rest of the operating system. That is why if we are going to focus on managing and playing content on Kodi, the best we can do is set it to full screen.

On the other hand, we can also use it as one more window while we work with the rest of the operating system applications . Well, to quickly switch between one mode and another, we can do it through the key that is located just below ESC, the one that contains the bar.

Access content types directly on Kodi

We have already mentioned that from this same program , we have the possibility of managing and playing videos, photos, music or television channels. Well, to directly access everything related to each type of content, we have keyboard shortcuts that will save us a good deal of type and effort. Therefore these key combinations are the following:

  • Ctrl + E: open the videos section .
  • Ctrl + M: open music files.
  • Ctrl + I: open the images section.
  • Ctrl + T: open TV channels.

Control audio in music and video playback

In addition to video, another of the basic components that we use in Kodi is audio. We use this both to watch movies , series, listen to music, or watch television. Therefore, being able to manage the basic sound controls in Kodi directly will be very appreciated. Thus, below we show you these so that you do not have to go around handling the mouse in the middle of the reproduction:

  • F10: increase the volume of the video.
  • F9: lower the video volume.
  • F8: mute content playback.


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