Public Speaking Skills Without Any Fear;5 Tips You Must Know

Public speaking skills has very much important in our lives. Speaking well in public is a skill that may be useful on many occasions..During our life we will find ourselves in situations where we will have to speak in public.Speaking in public is certainly much more difficult than it may seem.Usually, times when anxiety gets so much to block us. What can we do in these cases? There are some tricks we can use to control the exhibits  or speeches we have to say in front of a large audience .

Prepare to speak in public

If anxiety occurs in public speaking , it will turn into a devil who will play against you (and will use your weapons because it knows you very well). If this anxiety, however, is presented moderately, this emotion will allow you to prepare your speech at its best. In fact , the first trick to keep in mind is to prepare the presentation .

For this, you have to set the time you have to prepare and practice . In this way, you will share it equally to devote half of this time to both tasks. So, you will be able to better manage your intervention, which will be prepared in turn.

The second advice, therefore, is that the presentation is clear and easy to follow from our audience. For this, you have to keep in mind the goal you want to achieve with it and who will listen to us . You will then be able to know how to structure your speech and choose the right tools. The audience will determine your starting point and the level of depth you can reach with the level you have.

Third, to be successful, with your exposure, it is important to avoid reading the whole speech . As? By employing and developing appropriate support. This can be a chart on a sheet or even an audio-visual presentation to guide your speech.

When Public Speaking Skills Is Important To Practice

What you can do to improve your presentation does not stop here. Once you have properly prepared the exposure you will make and the material you are using, you must start practicing. This is the fourth step to make your home speech proof . Very important is to do it aloud. This way, you will know what you need to improve before exposing it to your entire audience

However, you do not just have to practice at home. A fifth trick is to go to see the place where the presentation will take place  and to do the tests right in place. Doing it will help you manage your anxiety by getting in touch with the environment in which you will be exposed. Additionally, you will be able to make sure the presentation is loaded well and that moving it from one computer to another does not move items inside the file.

There is still one thing to do before exposing the speech to a group of people: relax. Practicing some relaxation techniques , such as abdominal breathing, will help you not stay locked by nerves.

#Preparation: the key to success

Repeat your speech, repeat it and repeat it again. Even the speaker who looks more spontaneous and natural has worked hard for his speech , wiping out every word. Exfoliate in front of the mirror to adjust body movement and facial mimicry. Ask a friend to listen to you. Do not learn by heart: you would risk becoming artificial and consequently annoy your audiences.  Write the keywords of your speech on a sheet and take it with you: it will help you to quickly pick up the thread of your speech.

Comes to the place an hour before

As it is customary for the greatest performers, go to the “set” at least an hour before the start of the game. At this time, you will be familiar with the environment and above all, check the microphone, power point presentation, and other devices you have decided to use to give more vigor to your speech. An hour will also help you to know and greet the audience in the hall, a stage necessary to understand their needs and expectations.

Contact your audience

Understanding your conversation will give you the ability to perfectly match your needs. If you were invited to speak at a conference of a category association, you could thoroughly study their website or their social pages to have a more accurate idea about the audience you are facing, their ideas and needs . Then, as mentioned earlier, you will be served the time before the show to confirm and improve your impressions.

 Use the right pauses between the words

Finally, we arrive at the moment: your performance. Even if you have a fine tone of voice and sober body language, your message will be lost if you do not learn to divulge itin the best way. Here are some tips to make no trivial mistakes:

The time has come, what to do when you speak in public?

Once exposure is started, it is important to start up some strategies. The seventh aspect to keep in mind is visual contact. It is of utmost importance to distribute the look among-st the spectators , without fixing it to a single person or to a concrete point of the room, at least in the moments of pause. We should not even draw any conclusions as to how we are going to be evaluating only on the faces of those present, as this will get us even more nervous.

It is better to focus on what you are saying and how you are saying it. The eighth makeup that will make your show a success will be just to be careful about  nonverbal communication . To keep the audience’s attention, it  is important that the voice volume, speed, and tone of the exposure are kept on medium levels, varying slightly.

Finally, a ninth trick that will help you keep the focus high and that will make you master the art of speaking in public is the use of humor to make people smile. Not a laugh, you do not want to do cabaret. Additionally, remember that everyone is making mistakes, so if you have a slip and stay awake, do not give it any importance and keep up with your speech … Strength!

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